Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Smithy Green Bumblebee Hive Removal

Bumblebees may be beneficial creatures, but they can also be one of the most dangerous in the wrong environment. TheseSmithy Green Bumblebee Nest Removal flying insects are known for their aggressive behaviour, and they will sting multiple times if they feel threatened. While bumblebees are mostly harmless around people, they can be a big nuisance if they build nests in or around your home. If you have a problem with bumblebees, it's crucial to take action quickly before they become more invasive and dangerous. Let's begin with some helpful tips on how to get rid of bumblebees safely and effectively. Then, you should hire Smithy Green Bumblebee Nest Removal Service Near Me to handle the bumblebee problem.

Bumblebees can sting you, and they can be very dangerous. If you get stung, you might go into anaphylactic shock and need to go to the hospital. Kids are more vulnerable to stings than adults because of their curiosity. In addition, they may disturb the nest, causing the bees to react. In addition, their stings may cause swelling. Suppose you have a bumblebee nest on your property. In that case, it is vital to contact a professional beekeeper or pest control company to have it removed. Smithy Green Bumblebee Hive Removal are expert in removing bumblebee nests safely and efficiently.

Nesting Habits

Bumblebees are social bees and will usually nest in colonies. The nests are made from wax and are typically located underground, although they can also be found on the walls of buildings or in bird boxes. The colonies are usually relatively small, containing between 50 and 400 bees. Bumblebees are not as aggressive as other bees and will only sting humans if they feel threatened.

Common Bumblebee Species in the UK

White-tailed Bumblebee

White-tailed bumblebees (Bombus lucorum) are commonSmithy Green Bumblebee Nest Removal bumblebees found in the UK. They are about 15-20 mm long, have black and yellow fur, and often build their nests in sheltered places such as gardens, under decking, or roof cavities.

Red-tailed Bumblebee

The red-tailed bumblebee is a type of bumblebee found in the UK. They are about 17-20 mm long and are black with a reddish band on their tail. They nest in the ground, often near plants or under sheds or decks. These bees sting if they feel threatened and can have colonies of up to 400 bees.

Tree Bumblebee

The largest bumblebee, the Tree bee, can be black with white markings or brownish-black. They feed on tree sap and nectar to produce honeydew. Bombus hypnorum is a reliable pollinator that creates a colony of 120 individuals who gather food throughout the year. Adult tree bees have been known to travel up to 2 miles from their nests.

Although it may be tempting to try and take care of a Smithy Green Bumblebee Nest Removalbumblebee infestation on your own using do-it-yourself products, this is not recommended. Bumblebees are incredibly important pollinators, and their populations are declining. If you have a bumblebee infestation, it is best to call in the experts like Smithy Green Bumblebee Nest Removal service near me right away. Not only will they take care of the problem quickly and safely, but they can also help you prevent further infestations from happening.