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Professional Sandbach Mole Trapping Services

The scientific name of the Common Mole found on our lawns is Talpa Europaea. Sometimes people refer to it as the Northern mole or European mole. Although the presence of moles on lawns or gardens is sometimes regarded as beneficial when they feed on grubs and insects, they can quickly become a nuisance when they start destroying well-maintained lawns through their burrowing activities.

How mole infestation occurs

Full size moleMoles will invade your laws for two main reasons. First, the lawn environment creates a prime breeding and feeding area for insects, earthworms, crickets and grubs that mole spray on. The well-irrigated soil and turfgrass attract such organisms. Moles, however, do not need the worm and insects to be in high numbers to survive since they do not eat much. Second, most people whose lawns have been infested by moles probably live near wooded areas or newly constructed homes and business structures. Such places act as natural habitats to the moles, and thus the pests have to move out in search of food.

These pests are industrious diggers, and in one day, they can create up to 20 meters of the tunnel. While burrowing, they leave mounds of soil on the surface. This is one of the telltale signs of mole infestations on your lawn. They also create nests for resting by lining the walls of large chambers in the tunnel with dry grass.

Why do you need Sandbach mole trapping and control

Moles can easily destroy your perfectly maintained lawn within a concise period of time. They create raised ridges and molehills that spoil the beautiful look of your lawn. In addition, they destroy plants roots when creating tunnels or searching for food and are thus a threat to your flower beds. Some molehills are also substantial enough and can easily damage mower blades.

The best mole pest control method

Mole in a molehillSandbach mole trapping is known to be the best mole control method. However, it requires professional skills to be affected perfectly. Moles are quite elusive, and catching them is pretty hard as you may never even see them with your own eyes. It is also difficult for one to know their exact location in the tunnel network. However, Sandbach mole trapping experts such as Young’s Pest Control use sophisticated equipment such as heat sensors and cameras to track the moles. This aids in setting the traps in the right places.

If you hire Young’s Pest control for your Sandbach mole trapping and control needs, you stand to benefit from low prices and expert advice on preventing any other pest infestations.