Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Sandbach BumbleBee Control Service

Of all the creatures that can become pests, most people wouldn't think of the bumblebee when they first notice a strange buzzing sound in the attic or get stung while working in the garden, but in fact, bumblebees are becoming a pest more and more often. The best way to deal with a bumblebee infestation, no matter where it is, is to call Young's Pest Control and take advantage of their professional Sandbach bumble bee control services.

BumbleBees are a Nuisance

When bees nest inside buildings - in an attic, crawl space or even interior wall space - the nest can become large enough that the buzzing of the colony can be heard at all hours. If this happens in the workplace, it is a distraction. If it happens at home, it can lead to lost sleep and stress.
A large nest can also create a fire hazard, especially if it is blocking a heating vent or dryer outlet, and may also damage the structure it is built on.

BumbleBees are a Health Risk

For people with allergies to bee venom, all bees are potentially life-threatening, and the bumblebee is no exception. Tree bumblebees are especially dangerous because it takes very little to disturb the nest and trigger aggression from the bees inside or nearby, guarding the nest site. In addition, tree bumblebees nest above ground and use structures like houses as nest sites, making them more likely to run across people and start attacking.  Even people who are not allergic to bee venom will want to avoid being stung by any bumblebee species. The barbed stinger stays stuck in the skin after the bee attacks, and it continues to pump venom until it is removed. The venom causes pain and burning radiating out from the site of the sting.

Sandbach BumbleBee Removal is Dangerous

Bumble Bee on flowerPeople faced with a Sandbach bumble bee control problem understandably want it dealt with right away. Unfortunately, many people try Sandbach bumble bee removal themselves instead of calling the 24-hour phone number for Young's Pest Control and leaving it up to the experts. These people are often stung and can also fall off ladders, get stuck or experience negative side effects of pesticides in tight spaces. Young's Pest Control takes away the risk and gets the job done promptly at affordable rates, making Sandbach bumble bee control easy for the customer.