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Professional Runcorn Woodworm Treatment

A woodworm infestation is a problem for many homeowners. It can be harder to identify than other types of infestation yet is just as dangerous and detrimental to the property. This is why a professional team must be brought in to deal with an infestation of noticed. Within the UK, the main and most common type of species is the common furniture beetle. Despite the name of this beetle, it will quite happily eat away at your various other wooden surfaces such as floorboards and other beams. Therefore, it is advantageous to understand their life cycle and habits to carry out the Runcorn woodworm removal treatment. Professional Runcorn woodworm treatment will use this information to ensure that your home or property is not being eaten from the inside out!

Woodworm larvaeThe life cycle of the woodworm beetle is that of four stages. From the egg, they progress through larva, pupa, and then to the adult beetle stage of life. The adult beetle finds the cracks and various niches in your woodwork and beams to be the perfect places for laying eggs. It provides a small and well-concealed area for their spawn to grow, feed and thrive. Once hatched, the larva will immediately burrow down into the depths of the wood. When they reach a comfy depth, they will start a long process of eating away at your wood. Finally, come to the adult stage of life, they return to the surface of the wood and lay eggs for the cycle to continue again. In this way, a professional team must use a Runcorn woodworm treatment spray to stop the cycle, preferably early on, to minimise the damage they can do.

One of the more noticeable signs of a woodworm infestation is the observation of small holes in woodwork. These small holes will only be 1.5-2 millimetres in size. However, the quantity of them should make it easier to spot, and there is likely to be left behind some quantity of bore dust that has a feeling of grit to it. The degree of danger these beetles impose on a property depends on where they have chosen to infest. If it’s not floorboards or beams, then Runcorn woodworm treatment to your furniture is less likely to pose much of a problem beyond inconvenience. However, if the infestation is found in support beams, then depending on the stage they’ve been caught at, you may have a structurally weakened beam that should be replaced promptly. Crumbling wood, often around corners and edges of surfaces, is a sign that the problem has continued for some time.

Woodborer, Oligomerus brunneus, extreme close-uptingProfessional teams can easily use Runcorn woodworm treatment furniture sprays, and other woodworm removal sprays to resolve the issue. This process is not necessarily a long or complex one, so taking steps to remove the infestation should not be a daunting one. The Runcorn woodworm treatment can remove the beetle and coat new woods in a woodworm treatment spray so that the problem does not re-occur and provides you with peace of mind.