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Professional Runcorn Mole Trapping to Deal with Pest Moles

The hard work of creating attractive grounds around your property can quickly be undone if moles take up residence. These pest animals are capable of causing extensive damage as they go about their daily business, and this can be a frustration that most people want to go away. It’s unlikely that a mole will move out of an area of its own accord, though, and Runcorn mole trapping will generally be required to remove it. Young’s Pest Control team offers professional mole control, and customers can use this to rid themselves of a destructive pest.

Tunnel System

Mole in a molehillMoles are known for their excellent digging abilities, and they will typically excavate a tunnel for two main reasons. The first is simply for getting around, and many of the tunnels they create allow them to roam their territory. This network tends to be deeper below the surface and can extend over a wide area. The second reason moles dig tunnels is to catch food. Their preference is for earthworms, and they are more likely to catch these in topsoil material, which means that feeding tunnels are usually closer to the surface.

Mole Damage

A pristine green lawn can start to look more like a ploughed field if moles are tunnelling below it. The piles of excavated dirt pushed to the surface create the molehills that are the classic sign of the animal's activity. Tunnels dug just below the surface can also push up the ground to give a lawn an untidy rutted appearance. This damage can ruin the look of gardens, bowling greens, sports pitches, and other grassed areas. The only way to stop it is to remove the pest animal causing the damage, and the most effective way of doing this is by using a professional Runcorn mole trapping and control service.

Mole Control

Full size moleThe difficult part of installing Runcorn mole trapping measures can be identifying the best place to locate them. A burrow system can be made of many tunnels, and not all of them will be regularly used. This is where the skill of a professional mole pest control expert comes into play. They have the experience and understanding of mole habits to identify better a spot where a trap is likely to be successful. They can also install tried and tested equipment that will work. These benefits mean that professional trapping is by far the best choice for quick and simple removal of moles. Young’s Pest Control is an expert at this job, so if moles are ruining your garden, get in touch with our team to find out how to help.