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Expert Runcorn Grey Squirrel Control

While they were not originally native to the UK, grey squirrels have adapted well to life since they were first introduced and can now be found in many places. Their preferred habitat is in locations where there are plenty of large, mature trees, and they can find this in urban spaces such as parks and gardens. However, the growth of the grey squirrel population means that many now live in urban environments, making them a nuisance pest. Young’s Pest Control can provide Runcorn grey squirrel control to deal with this problem, with a telephone call or email is required to get this.

Grey Squirrel Facts

Grey squirrel pestGrey squirrels can be recognised by the grey colour of their fur, which can also have touches of brown in it. They typically grow between 30 and 50cm in length and are highly adaptable species that can survive and prosper in rural or urban settings. They breed a couple of times a year, and a female can give birth to between 1 and 5 youngsters. They can live for around 3 to 6 years, and this means that if they target your home or garden, they can be around for a long time unless Runcorn squirrel control treatments are used to remove them.

Problems they Cause

The natural habits of squirrels can cause problems if they get in your home. They have strong teeth capable of gnawing through wood and other materials and can extend existing gaps or make new ones in a property as a way of getting inside. Once there, they can be destructive behaviour that can damage wires, cables, and insulation material. Squirrels are also known for going after an easy meal, with bird feeders a common target. These can be destroyed in an attempt to get the food inside. Squirrels around your home also pose the risk of a bite. While they will typically run from humans, they can become aggressive if cornered, leading to bites. Leaving squirrel removal to professionals trained to deal with them is, therefore, a safer option.

Squirrel Pest Control

Grey squirrel on benchYoung’s Pest Control can employ a variety of Runcorn grey squirrel control treatments to rid this pest from in and around your home. We can also provide squirrel proofing measures to make sure they are kept away in future. In addition, our affordable squirrel removal service is available to anyone experiencing problems, and we can be contacted at any time to schedule a visit to your home.