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Professional Runcorn Flea Treatment to Clear a Property of this Common Pest

FleaDealing with a flea infestation is not a particularly easy task, as it can easily multiply to numbers that mean home flea fumigation methods are not really effective. While DIY treatments may kill many fleas, they are unlikely to eradicate an infestation, and the likelihood is that the problem will keep returning. A Runcorn flea treatment by Young’s Pest Control uses professional strength insecticides that are powerful enough to deal with every last insect. In the long run, this is the best way to completely clear your home or business premises of this irritating pest.

Flea Species

A few different species can invade homes in the UK, with dog and cat fleas being a couple of the most common. They get their name from the host animal they are most likely to feed on, although they can also take blood from other hosts. A dog flea infestation in a home, for example, will also cause problems for people and other pets. The application of flea fumigation or some other professional Runcorn flea treatment is the only way to guarantee that an infestation will be killed off completely. Property owners should have this done as early as possible after becoming aware of a flea problem.

Spotting a Flea Infestation

Cat and dog fleasFleas are most commonly brought into a home by pets, and the behaviour of cats and dogs can provide an early warning of a problem. If they are seen continually biting or scratching at their coat, it can be because of the irritation of fleas. Grooming your pet with a flea comb will usually confirm that the pest is present. If you start to suffer from small, dark red bite marks, it is also a possible sign of fleas. In most cases, the bites will be no more than irritating for a day or two. However, fleas can be carriers of diseases such as dog tapeworm, and there is a risk that these can be passed on to humans through a bite. In more serious infestations, flea droppings can accumulate in places such as the coat of an animal or its bedding. This is known as flea dirt and can be spotted as small black specks.

Professional Flea Removal

Professional Runcorn flea treatment workers have the training and experience to inspect a property and determine the flea removal techniques that will most effectively clear a property. This is what you will get through Young’s Pest Control, and we have the staff, insecticides, and other personal protective equipment needed to apply a Runcorn flea treatment service in any size of the property. Householders and business owners can give us a call or send us a message to explain their problem. We can then provide the resources needed to treat host animals and fumigate a property to kill off fleas and protect against re-infestation. Our services are available at short notice if required, and we can visit a property at any time to carry out the work.