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Professional Runcorn Ant Infestation Removal

What problems can be caused by an ant infestation?
Black antAn ant infestation is more likely to occur after wet weather, and anti-ant treatment by homeowners are quite dangerous to pets as they are powdery and may not be enough to prevent Ghost, Pharaohs or Fire ants from returning and causing more serious problems. In addition, ants present a danger to households as they can contaminate food and get into clean areas such as cupboards (or even the fridge) searching for sugary substances. Even common black garden ants can get inside cavity walls and disturb patios and gardens, leady to costly building repairs. To ensure safe, hygienic and efficient Runcorn ant infestation removal, it's often necessary to call in professionals to ensure that your home receives the correct ant control treatment. An ant infestation in the house is not to be taken lightly.

Other dangers presented by ants
While the common black garden ant can't sting, the UK is home to several species which do, and the NHS recognizes the following types of ant as those which can bite or sting us:

  • Red ants
  • Wood Ants
  • Flying Ants

It's, therefore, necessary to treat all ant infestations, particularly a flying ant infestation, as these little blighters not only breed but bite!

Common garden ants typically cause problems by nesting in garden soil, the lawn, and our patios, disturbing the stones. If you find that you have these "ordinary" ants in your garden, keep a close eye on them, and make sure to take professional advice if you fear they may be making a nest, as it can damage your garden or property.

Why do I need to use professionals for the ant infestation in the house?
EAntsxperts such as Young's Pest Control are fully trained to identify the type of ant infesting your house, find the correct pesticide or treatment, and ensure safe Runcorn ant infestation removal. According to the Society of Biology, flying ants are on the increase, and it's necessary to treat a flying ant infestation quickly, as these ants are reproductive males and females. Worse are Pharoah's Ants, which first came to the UK from the tropics in the early nineteenth century. These pesky pests are attracted to our centrally heated houses and are extremely difficult to get rid of. For these ants, professionals such as Young's Pest Control are needed for ant control as Pharoah's often have multiple nesting sites in one building.