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It is no secret that rats are common pests in the United Kingdom, and they cause a lot of damage to property,Penketh Professional Pest Control Rats  food supply and health. However, it's essential to know what you're dealing with before taking any action. This article will cover how to identify a rat, what they eat, where they live and how they travel, so you'll have all the information you need when it comes time to take action against these pesky nuisances!

A rat problem that you believe you have you need to first make sure it is a rat. These are some of the most common features that will help identify an actual rodent as opposed to other rodents or pests:

- Look for brown or grey fur with lighter underbellies. Also, look for long hairless tails that are about half the length of their bodies.

- They'll usually grow to be anywhere from 8 inches to 2 feet in length, depending on gender. Rats are larger in males than in females, and young rats still have skinny tails. The average adult will weigh around 450g at maturity, so they won't be too heavy but definitely noticeable if they've invaded your property!

- Look for droppings that will appear like pellets and will be scattered around the area they're most active in.

- If you hear scratching or gnawing noises, it's highly likely there is a rat infestation. This is the time to take action and contact a professional Penketh rat exterminator.

Penketh Professional Pest Control Rats If you think you may have found a rat instead of another rodent like a mouse or squirrel, one of the first steps to take if rats have invaded your home is to seal any holes that might provide access into your property as well any gaps larger than 2cm. Rats can fit through very small spaces and holes, so make sure all areas are sealed properly!

Also, make sure any decaying food is disposed of immediately and, if possible, store similar foods in sturdy containers with tight lids. Rats can chew through many different surfaces and packaging, so make sure you're taking the necessary precautions to keep them out!

Once you've taken these steps, then it's time to call Penketh Rat Control Treatments and Removal Service. Be sure to check that any other company you may use has proper licensing before hiring any rat-catcher. Suppose they can do a thorough inspection of your property without entering. In that case, chances are it's not a rat problem but something else like a mole or squirrel.

Rat traps or poison can also be used in certain areas of your home where an infestation is more concentrated, like sheds, garages and basements. Precautions needPenketh Professional Pest Control Rats  to be taken when using rat traps around children and pets who may not understand the dangers of sharp parts or poisonous chemicals. Due to this, we recommend you call a Penketh rat catcher near me for treatment if you're dealing with an infestation because they will know how to properly get rid of rats safely and effectively while protecting the people and animals living on your property.

Rats breed rapidly, so getting rid of them as soon as possible is certainly advised. Nevertheless, you must know exactly what you are doing or you could make the problem even worse. Remember that rats carry many diseases, and if they come into contact with humans, there's a good chance your loved ones will catch something pretty nasty...

It's also possible for rats to chew through most things, including electrical cables and walls, which may cause fires or flooding in your home. This isn't ideal either! That's why we recommend calling Penketh a rat catcher near me who knows exactly how to handle any infestation with the minimal danger involved for yourself.

Usually, a professional pest control provider will be able to identify whether it's a rat or another rodent that may be invading your property in just one quick visit after examining droppings and other signs!

Penketh Professional Pest Control Rats Penketh Rat Control Treatments and Removal Service will always be your first choice for rat removal, so don't go DIY. We are the leading experts in pest control. We have over 15 years of experience eradicating rats from homes throughout the North West.