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Professional Northwich Mole Trapping

Those at home in the outdoors will know that there are twenty species of mole. However, those unfamiliar with such details will know that the common mole has two defining characteristics: an unquenchable appetite for the treasured worm and voracious hunger for holes. Combined, these two behaviours can demolish the love and labour lavished upon your grounds as root systems are destroyed, and structural weaknesses take hold.

Signs of Mole Infestation

Mole moundThe familiar molehill may not be evident, but you may have noticed that the quality of your ground has deteriorated. Signs include:

  • Ridges: between 'hills', or even in their absence, ridges can appear above burrows
  • Hills: the notorious molehill is a sure sign of infestation
  • Spongy ground: burrows can affect root systems and drainage
  • Inexplicable damage: strange holes and unearthed plants

Know Your Mole

The common European mole, our humble but insatiable neighbour, is built for cunning. Only around 6 inches in length and weighing only around 120 grams, it's adept at hiding.

  • The common mole can burrow up to 20 meters in one day
  • It can consume its own body weight in worms and other invertebrates
  • They breed at a rate of two to seven offspring per year
  • They are active year-round, though you may only notice them in spring and early winter

For these reasons, Northwich mole trapping and control is usually left to the professionals. As with any serious pest, mole control is a matter of expert technique and strategy, and one of the most effective mole control techniques is trapping.

The Benefits of a Professional Service

Full size moleMoles can be a nightmare to get rid of, leaving home and business owners feeling like they're playing 'whack-a-mole' – you get rid of one, and five of its neighbours turn up.

Professional Northwich mole trapping affords our clients the peace of mind that comes with doing a job well. Once it's done, it's done. You needn't worry about cut corners or inefficient techniques, and you can go back to tending the ground you love. While it involves opening the burrow, Northwich mole trapping is a largely non-invasive mole pest control technique centred on the opening to the burrow itself. This means minimal damage and minimal inconvenience.

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