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Professional Northwich Flea Treatment

Flea Infestation

Young's Pest Control offers advice and a cost-effective means of dealing with an infestation. Fleas exist only in warm-blooded animals like dogs or cats though occasionally birds are targeted, and different species have their own preferred host. For example, dog fleas thrive on humans.

A flea infestation is possible when wall to wall carpeting offers an environment for undeveloped larvae to develop. This larva is whitish, and it thrives best in dark, humid places, such as underneath the furniture, whilst central heating helps regulate the temperatures.

Flea Control

Cat and dog fleasCat fleas are responsible for many infestations, accounting for 75% of infestations. For flea control, it is important to take your pet - dog or cat - to the vet for advice.

The house has to be thoroughly cleaned in the affected areas. The list below shows the steps needed to remember:

The house has to be properly vacuumed, and the disposal of the bag has to be thorough, or the fleas will return.

If rodents like mice or rats cause the infestation, scientists believe the Bubonic plague was caused by fleas biting rats carrying the disease bacillus. It's also suspected rodent fleas carry murine typhus and other parasitic worms.

Wash infected bedding and clothing.

Treat infected pets with prescribed treatments.

Flea Removal

Many people believe that dealing with fleas is easy, but there are certain measures they miss out on. Young Pest control offers a cost-effective means of Northwich flea treatment.

And they're right to - hardware stores and other offers don't always have the percentage of required insecticides needed to deal with the problem.

And even if you did deal with the problem by yourself, you might miss something important, like the possibility the fleas had laid their eggs.

Flea larvae hatch after 2-3 days and are fully grown in 3-4 weeks after shedding their skin 2-3 times.

Flea Fumigation

FleaA thorough inspection needs to be made before fumigation takes place. This will determine where the worst of the flea infestation is in your home.

Young's pest control offers this - their experts will know what to look for before Northwich flea treatment.

Northwich Flea Treatment

Flea bites leave a small, reddish mark on the skin, and the bite will be itching for some time. For some people, the bites might be sensitive. Flea bites may occur if you've held your pet, but most of them happen to the ankles.

As stated above, flea species prefer different animal species, though if someone is close by then, they will make a jump and feed on both animal and human blood. An adult flea can go without blood for weeks.

Stop scratching the bites and rub a cream or lotion over the bites.

For Northwich flea treatment of the house - as stated at the top, Young's pest control offers a cost-effective pest control solution, so operatives will know best how to treat houses professionally.