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Northwich Cockroach Control Specialists

Cockroach closeupCockroaches are high-risk pests to have around, and thus their presence in your home or building should be alarming. They usually carry various illnesses such as dysentery, salmonella, typhoid and gastroenteritis. The risk of getting ill is even higher in homes with children, sick people or the elderly as they are more susceptible. In addition, their droppings have been known to trigger allergic conditions such as asthma and eczema.

If Northwich cockroach control is not practised early enough, a small group of roaches can quickly become an uncontrollable infestation. They reproduce quickly and in places where they can least be spotted, such as behind cupboards, walls, ceilings, sinks and chairs. A cockroach egg case (oothecae) usually resembles a kidney bean. There are about 16 to 37 eggs in each case, but the German cockroach can produce more than 40 eggs at once. In most cases, it’s hard to detect the egg cases as the female cockroach usually carries the oothecae until the eggs are ready to hatch or hide them in the dark spots mentioned above.

Signs of cockroach infestation

The following signs should tell you that there’s an infestation in your home:
Dead cockroaches• cast skins and egg cases- before cockroaches mature, they will shed their skin around five to eight times
• Live insects- in most cases, cockroaches are hard to spot during the day as they are nocturnal. However, you may see them at night when you turn on the kitchen light
• Odour- in places where the infestation is serious, an unpleasant and musty smell is likely to be produced
• Cockroach droppings- they are cylindrically shaped and black/brown in colour. When water is scarce, their droppings measure less than 2mm.
• Smear marks- instead of producing droppings, cockroaches will leave smear marks behind when there is adequate water. These are usually brown in colour and irregularly shaped

Exercising Northwich cockroach control

There are various cockroach treatment methods out there, but most of them do not work because of the resilient nature of the pests. Over the years, cockroaches have become immune to most insecticides as a result of the wrong usage. Thus the only sure way of controlling them is through professional Northwich cockroach control methods.

Young’s Pest Control experts can help you handle the infestation through effective cockroach treatment methods. The company guarantees a 24-hour response to your request, and the professionals sent will also help you seal off those areas where the pests are likely to use in gaining entry into your home. Apart from Northwich cockroach control, Young's also offers services in other pest control needs.