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Professional Northwich Ant Infestation Removal Treatment

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Young's Pest Control are providers of professional ant removal services. Ant treatment is better left to experts due to ants' unique social structure and behavioural patterns. Young's Pest Control specialists will know which ants you are dealing with and which treatment is most suitable for an ant infestation in a house or at a hospital or place of work. 

The Ant Invaders

Black antIn the UK, the two most common ant species are Pharaoh Ants and Black Garden Ants. The latter can create a flying ant infestation when they take to the wing in July and August to mate. The fertilised queen then spends the winter in a nest, from where worker ants emerge in springtime. Black Garden Ants threaten gardens due to their link to aphids, which attack fruit and flowers. Black Garden Ants, which are in fact dark brown, farm aphids for their secretions. 

Pharaoh Ants are smaller than Black Garden Ants (1.5 mm and 3 mm, respectively) and are brownish-yellow in colour. These often create ant infestations in hospitals. The difficulty of ant treatment with these species is that the swarm has more than one queen. Pharaoh Ant Queens break off from the main nest from time to time, taking a group of insects with them to establish a new colony. The size of their nest is often as small as a thimble. All they need for survival is a warm spot somewhere by the warm water pipe and a few food crumbs. 

Northwich Ant Infestation Removal

Ants are social insects, which live according to the strict hierarchy within a nest. Worker ants would have their specific tasks, such as tending the nest or looking after the young. Some worker ants go out foraging for food, and this is when ant infestation becomes visible. 

AntsTrying to perform your own Northwich ant infestation removal in house by killing the few insects you can see is ineffective, as only 10% of the Pharaoh Ant population is out foraging, while the rest stay in the nest. It can also be poisonous to pets and children. Given Pharaoh Ants' ability to multiply its nest count and population so easily, it takes a long time and professional ant treatment to get rid of them. For a large building, Northwich ant infestation removal can take up to a year. 

A professional treatment would involve assessing the size of the infestation and then using a baiting solution everywhere the ants appear. A correct insecticide should be chosen for flying ant infestation and then sprayed where walls meet the floor.