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Rat infestations are a severe problem in modern England. The rodents themselves are not dangerous,Netherton Professional Pest Control Rats  but their droppings and urine can cause allergies or trigger asthma attacks. Furthermore, rats have been known to carry diseases that can infect humans when they contact the rodent's faeces or urine. Rats also pose a particular risk to children because of their small size--rats may enter play areas without being noticed by adults who don't see them scurrying across floors or climbing up furniture legs. Children are especially vulnerable because they are prone to put objects in their mouths and often don't care when handling food items like raw vegetables that could be contaminated by rat droppings on the ground nearby.

A rat infestation poses many risks for homeowners, including contamination of food, electric wires, and the structural elements of a house. Rats are notorious for gnawing through these objects in an attempt to eat or nest. The presence of rat droppings is also hazardous to humans because it can transmit disease-causing organisms between rodents and humans.

Rats are very intelligent animals who are able to figure out how to open cabinets, containers, drawers, diaper bags, etc. if their contents smell promising enough. Therefore, if you suspect you have rats living inside your home or near your property line, some clear signs indicate their presence, and a Netherton rat catcher near me will be required.

Rat droppings

Gnaw marks on food packaging or plastic cords

Rat urine

If you have rodents living near your property, rat faeces may all be present in your home. They are known to eat anything from cereal to soiled clothing, leaving it strewn about for you to find later on!

Netherton Professional Pest Control Rats Rat infestations are more common in urban areas, where rats may live under abandoned homes, in the basements of occupied buildings or within an attic habitat. Rats are challenging pests to control, but thankfully some professionals can get rid of them once and for all! It's best to call the Netherton Rat Control Treatments and Removal Service.

Rats and the diseases they can infect you with

The most common disease spread by rats is Weil's disease or leptospirosis. This disease is transmitted through rat urine, contaminating food sources if not properly handled. Rats also give off bacteria responsible for severe salmonellosis cases every year. In addition, rats carry Hantavirus, plague, and Lassa fever. This infection of the nervous system can be transmitted if a rat bites someone. However, a person will not be able to tell if a rat has bitten them because the fur does not usually leave any marks on their skin.

Symptoms of rabies include fever, agitation, confusion, excessive saliva, increase in urination, change in heart rate

leptospirosis Symptoms include fever, headache, chills, vomiting, diarrhoea, jaundice, redness in palms of hands

Hantavirus Symptoms include coughing, fatigue, muscle aches, fever, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, conjunctival injection.

Plague Symptoms include swollen lymph glands, high fever, incoordination chills bleeding from the mouth or nose, gangrene septic shock

Salmonellosis symptoms include nausea, fever, vomiting, diarrhoea, anorexia dehydration

Weil's disease Symptoms include jaundice, fever, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, tender enlarged liver

Rat Prevention

Proper food storage will discourage rodents from coming into your home. Wipe down the counters withNetherton Professional Pest Control Rats  a bleach solution or other commercial pesticides, spraying surfaces overnight if needed. Store all food in metal containers with tight-fitting lids to prevent gnawing on the packaging itself. Make sure you remove garbage regularly because rats are drawn to these smells! If you have a pet that eats at certain times of day or night, be sure to keep their food confined so that it is less likely to attract hungry, freeloading rodents. Don't leave dishes out overnight and if the problem is too big, leave it to a Netherton rat catcher near me.

Choosing the right professionals is key to solving your rat infestation. Our team of experts at Netherton Rat Control Treatments and Removal Service are ready for this type of challenge, with over 15 years of experience Netherton Professional Pest Control Rats in pest control services. In addition, we offer 24-hour emergency service so you can get help whenever you need it most - whether day or night. For rat removal that will last long term, don't settle for anything less than our Netherton rat exterminators. You can contact us anytime on our website or call us today!