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Neston Grey Squirrel Control

It is commonly known that one of the most frustrating problems encountered by homeowners is that of damage caused by pests, whether that be by smaller insects or a bigger threat, in this instance, the Grey Squirrel.

Grey squirrel close upDespite not being native to the United Kingdom, the Grey Squirrel is very familiar within the country and is a common cause of problems within the house. Following a population boom in terms of the presence of the Eastern Grey Squirrel, they have begun to increasingly inhabit spaces in lofts, attics and within any substantial gap in roof space. This, in turn, has increased the demand for services such as Young’s Pest Control.

Perhaps more, fortunately, Eastern Grey Squirrels are not believed to carry much threat of disease; however, they pose several risks that Young’s Pest Control services pride themselves on being able to limit. While they are seemingly friendly when in fear, the Grey Squirrel has been known to attack humans – a rather daunting prospect, especially if you have young children in the house. They are particularly notable for their ability to chew through electric cables and wires, leading to an increased possibility of electrical failure within the house. Coinciding with this, such failure can result in fire damage increasing the need for Neston grey squirrel control. They are also known to carry fleas which could easily be passed on to other family pets.

Young’s Pest Control offers an affordable Neston grey squirrel control service which will ensure the removal of all unwelcome pests, including squirrel pest control.

Grey squirrel pestNeston grey squirrel control is essential to ensuring that the home is safe and comfortable. Young’s Pest Control does their utmost to ensure that grey squirrel removal is at its most efficient, but they go out of their way to attempt more extensive control measures. This will include any achievable repairs and prevention services.

Upon arrival, Squirrel removal is fully explained to all clients, and the moment the source of the problem is identified, an appropriate explanation is provided of the steps that will be taken to remove pests as well as steps that can be taken in the future, including complete discouragement of all do-it-yourself attempts.

Should you come across more than one squirrel, there is likely much more hiding, and you must employ services such as Young’s Pest Control to ensure that the problem is dealt with appropriately.