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Macclesfield Woodworm Treatment Specialists

Woodworm is a term that is thrown about nowadays when people talk about pests in their home. It is true, woodworm really is a very common pest in the UK which is notoriously hard to detect and therefore notoriously hard to get rid of. A woodworm infestation takes place in, you guessed it, wood. However, unlike many people think, it is not a worm that simply digs its way through the wood that causes the damage. As a matter of fact, woodworm as a creature does not even exist. Instead, woodworm damage is caused by a whole range of different small insects, the most common being the common furniture beetle.

Detecting Woodworm

Woodworm larvaeThe hardest thing to crack when it comes to Macclesfield woodworm treatment is actually determining whether or not you actually have woodworm within your timber or within any woodwork in your house. On the whole, the signs are obvious but it may be well worth looking a bit more closely at the piece of wood in question in your home in order to identify some common traces and trails that woodworm will tend to leave in a piece of wood with a woodworm infestation.

An obvious one is a fact that there may be dead beetles around the piece of the wood and if these are found it is most definitely worth calling for woodworm treatment spray in order to get rid of the woodwork and put a stop to any damage they may already have caused and also any damage they could cause in the future. Another sign is the exit holes that they leave in the wood. Once the insect has successfully gnawed its way through the wood, weakening the wood as it does so, it exits the wood with surprisingly clean, round holes and this is one of the main signs that you need Macclesfield woodworm treatment.

Other signs are things like the dust that accumulates as a result of the insects making holes in the wood. Macclesfield woodworm removal treatment is definitely needed if you find this dust near any of the suspected infested timber beams.

Why Do You Need To Get Rid Of Them?

Woodborer, Oligomerus brunneus, extreme close-uptingFor many people, the very thought of insects crawling through the very foundations of their house is enough for them to call for some sort of Macclesfield woodworm treatment spray in order to get rid of them. If you are completely fine with this, or think, that it's only a few insects, so what does it matter, it may interest you to know that they really can cause damage that can incur a heavy cost and if that's not enough, can also put you and the people you live with at risk if you don't ring a professional team, like Young's in order to get rid of them.

Macclesfield woodworm removal treatment is something that can actually be cheaper in the long run. Many people could complain that professional help is expensive, but it is not nearly expensive as it is if they cause substantial damage to some of the wooden supports in your house.