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Professional Macclesfield Mole Trapping and Control Services

Mole Facts and Mole Pest Control

Mole in a molehillThe general public has a vague understanding of the behaviour and instincts of a mole. Nevertheless, even scientists have yet to discover the total behavioural traits of the mole. Keeping moles in captivity is a terrible idea because of their insatiable appetite.

Here at Young’s Pest Control, we have researched the mole species most common in the UK – the Common Mole. As a result, we also understand the effective Macclesfield mole trapping and mole pest control are necessary if a problem is identified.

Moles are found on the continents of Europe, Asia, Southern Africa and North America. Thirty known species of mole are known, but experts are sure more exist. Many of the species possess similar behavioural traits, with some rare exceptions in endangered species.

The Common Mole has a ravenous appetite and is insectivorous but also feeds on earthworms. This species can grow up to 18cm long and weigh up to 130 grams. A mole’s teeth are incredibly sharp, designed to disable its prey quickly. In addition, its nose is long like a pig’s, and it has hairs that detect movement within its underground environment. Experts understand that these hairs sense electric and magnetic activities within their tunnels; thus, making it easier for the mole to move around.

Macclesfield Mole Trapping

Full size moleOnce an underground network has been located, a trowel should be used carefully to expose a hole. Any loose soil should be taken away so that a trap can be inserted successfully. The web should be set squarely within the open, so the trigger will automatically work with the hole's opening.

The hole should be immediately closed with bits of grass, turf (grass side down) or stones. Slate and tiles can also be used around the trap, and the soil can be placed back around the hole so that no light can infiltrate.

Gassing Extermination

Here at Young's Pest Control, we offer professional Macclesfield mole trapping and control. When gassing moles, we use Talunex Aluminium Phosphide, which is an effective way of extermination. First, we infiltrate the mole's burrow and then administer the traps properly, ensuring it works. Importantly, these traps can be used when poisons are not legal or are prohibited.

This traps is also used to pellet form to ensure extermination takes place. We are dedicated to effective and efficient Macclesfield mole trapping and pest control, so if you suspect a problem, do not hesitate to contact us.