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Professional Macclesfield Ant Infestation Removal

Ant activity indoors or outdoors is typical of the summer months. Professional Macclesfield ant infestation removal helps resolve nuisance ant activity in the house, garden or allotment.

Lifecycle of ants

Black antThe lifecycle of ants consists of embryonic (egg), larval, pupal and imaginal (adult) stages. The larva goes through a series of growth phases known as instars. Most of the adult ant population are sterile female workers. Breeding female ants are known as queens, whereas male ants are called drones. Both drones and queens have wings and are known as flying ants because of this. Males are short-lived, whilst queens may live for over a decade.

The nuptial flight of flying ants usually occurs from early to mid-July. Drones and queens mate in the sky, and then the fertilised queens find a suitable site to start a colony. During this time, flying ant infestation of gardens and allotments is a common occurrence. Flying ant infestation will lead to the establishment of ant nests. Ant nests in the garden can lead to an ant infestation in house environments, necessitating professional Macclesfield ant infestation removal treatment.

British ant species

There are over 40 British ant species, some of which are common house and garden pests. The two main species involved in ant infestation are the Black garden ant (Lasius niger) and the Common red ant (Myrmica Rubra). These species tend to make their nests outside but have little trouble getting inside a building looking for food. However, once one ant gets inside, it leaves a scent trail for others to follow.

Ant Nests

Ant nests consist of queens, eggs, larva and workers who forage, tend to the young and defend the colony from enemies. Preferred locations for ants to build nests are the underside of stones and compost bins. In addition, ants will burrow into the ground to make a network of chambers and tunnels. Human kitchens and pantries may attract worker ants due to the stockpiling of food, causing ant infestation in house environments.

AntsWhen the garden or allotment is overrun with ants, they can make life difficult for those working in those environments. Professional Macclesfield ant infestation removal will resolve the problem, meaning people can tend to their gardens and allotments without unpleasant encounters with these insects. Macclesfield ant infestation removal treatment that pest control professionals perform will have a higher success rate than the do-it-yourself home ant control treatment and is a safer option as most store-bought ant removal products are the powder type and can be dangerous to use with small children and pets.