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Professional Macclesfield Grey Squirrel Control

Like most rodents, the grey squirrel can be a nuisance to owners of commercial and residential properties in the UK; they damage wiring, scratch at wood and spread fleas.

For these reasons alone, customers call us at Young’s Pest Control to control the numbers of this bushy-tailed rodent to minimise the destruction they cause.

Why has the grey squirrel population exploded in recent years?

Grey squirrel pestSince being introduced to Britain back in 1870, the grey squirrel has dramatically increased in numbers to the point where other native species, such as the red squirrel, have suffered as a result.

Originally, the red squirrel didn’t have to compete with its grey cousin, as grey squirrels are not native to our shores. But their arrival in 1870 posed a problem: the grey squirrel was simply better at surviving.

The red squirrel’s preferred habitat is in pine forests, whilst grey squirrels can survive anywhere, barring extreme cold or dry conditions. Unfortunately, this meant that the red squirrel was more susceptible to the destruction of its habitat.

Reasons for squirrel removal

Squirrels prefer to nest in abandoned bird’s nests and burrows, but the recent population increase has driven some to find alternative sites such as the loft and roof spaces of nearby properties. This can be a problem for the owners of these properties because squirrels leave droppings, bite wires and pass on fleas to pets.

In the garden, squirrels will damage bird feeders in search of food, remove bark from trees for building their nests, and they can sometimes bite humans if they feel threatened.

Leaving a grey squirrel removal job to the experts

Grey squirrel on benchYou would need a special cage to catch a squirrel, unlike the traps used to catch or kill other rodents. For this reason, it is more cost-effective to call on our Macclesfield grey squirrel control services for grey squirrel control.

Another reason to call on our Macclesfield grey squirrel control services is that once we have completed the removal job, we will advise you on how to prevent an infestation in the future.

Lastly, squirrels must be dispatched humanely once caught, but most people do not know how to do this. The experience of our Macclesfield grey squirrel control professionals ensures that the squirrels we catch will not endure unnecessary suffering in line with UK laws.