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Professional Macclesfield Cockroach Control

Dead cockroachesLike all pests, there are important reasons for eliminating a cockroach infestation from your property; they carry diseases, multiply exponentially and leave faeces. However, if this critter invades you, we at Young’s Pest Control can help you win back your property and return to normality with our cockroach treatment services.

What are the signs of a Macclesfield cockroach control problem?

The cockroach is a nocturnal insect, so you are most likely to see them crawling around at night when you switch on a light. However, they will hide in cracks and crevices in the daytime under sinks, fridges and cookers.

Other than directly seeing dead or live cockroaches, there are some indirect clues to be vigilant about. For example, cockroaches will excrete droppings, which resemble grains of coffee, as they move around, and a nasty infestation will leave an almond-like smell. They will also hide egg cases, called oothecae, in places such as at the back of furniture and appliances.

German CockroachWhat does a cockroach look like?

The two most common species of cockroach (the German cockroach and the Oriental cockroach) are often confused with one another, but they do have some distinctive features.

• The German cockroach is, on average, 14mm long when fully developed and identifiable by the parallel stripes that run along its back. They are distributed worldwide and can be found mostly indoors, enjoying the properties' warmth and food.
• The second species found infesting residences in the UK is the Oriental cockroach – a species the German cockroach evolved from in Asia. This cockroach is larger than its descendant, between 30 and 40mm long, and has a darker tan. They tend to reside where there is decay, such as in leaf litters and rubbish.

No matter which species you find infesting your property, it’s best to call Young’s Pest Control to arrange a targeted cockroach treatment plan using effective Macclesfield cockroach control methods.

Why is it so difficult to solve a cockroach control problem?

There are two main reasons why it’s so difficult to get to grips with an infestation without the experience of a Macclesfield cockroach control expert.

• They reproduce rapidly and in such a way that makes it difficult to kill them in one treatment.
• They can survive without food for a long as a month and are resilient to extremely cold temperatures.