Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Macclesfield BumbleBee Control

Bumble Bee on flowerDo you have a problem with bumblebees on your property? Then you need the services of the Macclesfield bumble bee control experts at Young's Pest control. We are dedicated to providing a safe and pleasant environment for you and your family. We can remove a range of pests from your property, including bumblebees. As you'll see below, bumble bees need to be treated cautiously whilst generally a beneficial insect. Here you can learn more about bumblebees and why you should always use qualified Macclesfield bumble bee control service to have them removed.

Bumblebees stings and bites

Bumblebees are both able to sting and bite humans. The bumblebee is generally not strong enough to cause significant pain to most humans, and the mandibles have no real ability to pierce the skin. However, the worker females and queens bumblebees can sting. They also lack barbs on their stinger so that they can repeatedly sting, unlike the honeybee. Generally, bumblebees will not sting, but they may do so if their nest is disturbed.

Identifying bumblebees

There are 24 different species of bumblebees in the United Kingdom. Bumblebees feed on pollen and nectar from inside flowers. This nectar is a sugary liquid that gives the bumblebees energy. Bumblebees eat the pollen because it is full of protein which allows their bodies to grow. In recent years tree bumblebees have become one of the more common species found in the United Kingdom. Tree bumblebees tend to be more aggressive than many other local bumblebee species. If a tree bumblebee hive is located in your garden or home, you should call a Macclesfield bumble bee control specialist straight away. Tree bumblebees will often set up their hives inside bird boxes and sometimes very close to people's homes.

Bumblebee colonies

Bumblebees live in colonies that a Queen rules. There can be up to 400 bumblebees in a single bumblebee hive. Once the weather becomes warmer, the Queen bumblebees leave hibernation and begin to build a nest. The first group of bumblebees produced by the new colony will be female worker bees. It is the female worker bumblebees that protect the nest and collect nectar and pollen for the colony. From this point on, the Queen bumblebees only job is to continue laying eggs.

Bumble BeeBumblebee removal

Macclesfield bumble bee removal must be handled safely and humanely. It would help if you never used DIY pest control treatments on the bumblebee hive. Often these DIY treatments are relatively ineffective. Also, the insecticides used in these DIY treatments can be harmful to other non-targeted species or children.

Contact Young's pest control to discuss your Macclesfield bumble bee control problem. We can advise you as to the fastest and most efficient solution to having your bumblebee nest removed.