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Professional Lymm Grey Squirrel Control

The grey squirrel is mainly found in North America, Ireland, Britain and South Africa. It is one of the most asked for squirrel removal in many parts covered by Young’s Pest Control because it prefers to live in town gardens, parks and deciduous woodlands. It is identifiable by its silvery-grey fur during the winter, which changes to yellowish-brown in the summer.

Breeding of the Grey Squirrel

This diurnal rodent has over 2 million in Great Britain alone, after its introduction in the 20th Century due to its prolific breeding. Below are listed breeding characteristics of the notorious grey squirrel:

Grey squirrel close up- The court and mate in the late winter period
- Females can mate twice a year in the March/April period and June/July period giving birth to up to 9 young ones in a year
- The young ones open their eyes at the age of 7 weeks and start eating solid matter food at the age of 10 weeks
- They start breeding at the age of 12 months.

Lymm grey squirrel control is not just a job for everyone because they have perfect eyesight and an excellent sense of smell. However, it requires proper training on how to do it, and only experienced professionals like Young’s Pest Control can do that. In addition, Lymm grey squirrel control, in premises within urban settings where the grey squirrel is sometimes found living, is not easy.

Reasons for Lymm Grey Squirrel Control

Grey squirrel pestMany people who have trees in their land know how destructive this small mammal is. They damage the bark of the tree with their claws when climbing up or down. They also make their dreys on the trees using leaves and twigs. This kind of damage to trees necessitates Lymm grey squirrel control to maintain the beauty of your trees.

Grey squirrels love nuts and fruits, and the moment they get to your farm or property, they will not hesitate to get down to eating your plants. Grains, such as maize, are on top of their favourites, and for the farmers, this can mean huge losses if they attack their farms. Therefore, squirrel removal from Young’s Pest Control should be included in the budgeting of the farm expenses.

It’s not only those with trees or farms which should be worried about squirrels. When searching for their food, they have no limit as to where they can search for it. They will come to your home and eat whatever they can find there. They will contaminate your stored food and even leave their droppings on it. So plan early for Lymm grey squirrel control if you see them in your neighbourhood.