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The Professional and Safe Lymm Flea Treatment

FleaFleas, the very word, makes one feel uncomfortable, itchy and somehow unclean. Still, you may be surprised to learn that the flea lavas prefer an undisturbed, comfortable and warm place to develop, and your centrally heated, wall to wall carpeted home is just what they like.

Where there’s one, there’s more!
Because of their tiny size and the intelligence of their host creatures, flea infestations may be present in your home without you even being aware of it. That is the reason why professional Lymm flea treatment and control is so important. An expert can identify, locate and eliminate a flea infestation in the most efficient, non-invasive manner possible. However, doing it yourself with flea fumigation or with one of the countless flea removal products available could actually put your family at risk by using substances that could be toxic to humans and pets and yet fail to control the problem at hand.

“My Lassie doesn’t have fleas!”
You may believe that regular flea control baths keep your cats, dogs and other pets free of these parasitic little creatures, but your home is open to their invasion from many other sources, including rats, mice, and even birds. The presence of rodents can produce other problems also, such as food contamination through droppings, or wire chewing, which could lead to a short circuit, both of which could seriously compromise the safety of your home and loved ones.

Cat and dog fleasCat fleas only live on cats.
There are many different types of fleas, and while it is commonly believed that each flea is specific to each animal, this is not actually true, as many can move from one host to another - wherever they can find a good feed.

While the red, itchy flea bite is annoying, one bite will not be life-threatening. However, in some people, a more serious allergic reaction can occur. So it is recurring exposure to bites can lead to serious health problems. Rat fleas are responsible for such terrible sounding conditions as the Bubonic plague and Murine typhus, which induce horrific images of the decadence of Middle Age Britain, but, in fact, remain a threat even today, and dog fleas can transmit parasitic worms to humans.

How to deal with them
There are many Lymm flea treatment options on the market, but the safety and security of your home and family should be entrusted to the experts in flea removal, Young’s Pest Control. Our team will investigate the causes of your flea infestation and take the appropriate measures for Lymm flea treatment, controlling it and preventing its reoccurrence. Our highly trained structural pest inspectors use special tools to detect hidden pests, and our flea fumigation and Lymm flea treatments are safe, effective and discreet. While our team is taking care of your initial problem, they will also be alert for signs of other pest infestations and will inform and advise you of their discoveries.

A Daily Mail report shows that flea populations increase 20 per cent during the fast-approaching winter months, so now is the time to take action.

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