bumblebee control
bumblebee control

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Lymm BumbleBee Control

Bumble Bee on flowerBumblebees are beneficial insects but sometimes there they can set up their hive in a location which is not safe for you and your family. Tree bumblebees in particular often set up their hive close to peoples homes. If you have a bumblebee hive on your property then you should have it removed as soon as possible. Bumblebees are able to sting, which is not only potentially painful, it is also potentially dangerous. If you notice a bumble bee colony then contact the Lymm bumble bee control experts at Young's pest control. They will be able to send one of their qualified Lymm bumble bee removal technicians to your property to have it safely and efficiently removed.

Discrete Lymm Bumble Bee Nest Removals

We understand that if you have a bumblebee infestation on your property you may not want your neighbours to know about it. That's why we always send our Lymm bumble bee control technicians in discrete and unmarked vehicles. They can undertake your bumble bee removal on the same day so that no one else has to know about the bumblebee infestation.

Identifying Bumblebees

Bumble BeeBumblebees are relatively large insects with dense hair which they use to pollinate flowers. A typical bumble bee will be black with one or two yellow stripes. Most bumblebees nests tend to be fairly close to the ground. Common locations for a hive include long grass or piles of wood. Sometimes bumble bees will take over a birds nest or the roof of your house. Stings from a bumblebee are really fatal but if you suffer from a bumblebee allergy you may suffer anaphylactic shock. Tree bumblebees have only been around in the UK for about 13 years. But since tree bumblebees have arrived they have increased in number and are now very frequently sighted. Tree bumblebee hives can be agitated relatively easily. If the hive is vibrated it may cause the bees to swarm. If you believe you have tree bumble bees on your property then you need to use Lymm bumble bee control services to have it removed.

Bumblebees may seem like a friendly insect but they need to be treated seriously. Bumblebee stings can be very serious for people who suffer from allergies. You don't want to find out the wrong way that someone in your family has a bumble bee allergy. Allergies can also become worse over time if someone is stung more than once. To have your bumble bee nests removed from your property safely and humanely call Young's pest control today