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Lymm Bed Bug Treatment Specialists

Finding Bed Bugs

Bed bug imageBed bugs are often hard to locate within a property, and knowing an actual problem is not always clear. Bed bugs often live in dark and humid places, especially within the cracks and crevices of properties where they cannot be seen.

Identify Bed Bugs and Common Signs

It is often tough to understand where bed bugs are located; therefore, you must look for tell-tale signs.

Bed bug droppings may be left on the bed, and this can be found in the form of darkened black pellets. The species emit a certain odour that is comparable to that of a sweet scent. Moreover, this scent can be sickly and leave an awful smell. You should also be aware that live insects may be present, and they may be alive within your property - they measure up to 5mm long. Live bed bugs also tend to shed their skin, so be on the lookout for extra skin deposits.

If you suspect a bed bug infestation, then it is important to call in professionals. Here at Young's Pest Control, we deliver exceptional services linked directly to Lymm bed bug treatment, bed bug fumigation and bed bug removal.

Finding Bed Bugs

Bed BugThe most obvious place to locate bed bugs is within your bedroom, but these insects lurk and reside in other locations. Therefore, you should make sure you check all the furniture, as cracks may harbour bed bugs. Carpets and underlay are other places where bed bugs tend to live because of the dark and humid conditions. Unclean skirting boards are another haven for bed bugs and their eggs. Ensure that all furniture and bed sheets are cleaned regularly, so bed bugs are deterred from inhabiting those areas. Lymm bed bug treatment has to be considered if the problem is beginning to hamper your everyday routine.

Bed bugs regularly feed on blood and need to access a meal when they are most active. They are allured by body heat and also by carbon dioxide contained within the human breath.

What Happens if I suspect an Infestation?

If an infestation is evident within your commercial or private property, then you should ring us immediately so that we can offer advice on effective Lymm bed bug treatment. We will conduct an initial survey to highlight the problem areas and then decide on a suitable course of treatment. Treatment may include bed bug fumigation of specific bed bug control so the problem does not reoccur.

The use of insecticides aids our tailored Lymm bed bug treatment. If the infestation is getting out of control, we will administer an Endotherm Heat Treatment, which should eradicate the problem. Our Lymm bed bug control treatment has been rated outstanding by our loyal customer base.