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Professional Knutsford Woodworm Treatment Spray

Woodworm is a type of insect that likes to eat wood. This insect can cause a lot of damage to homes as it eats wooden furniture and virtually any other kind of wood, including wooden support beams, which can cause severe structural damage. Therefore, it is essential not to try to tackle your woodworm infestation problem yourself and seek the services of a pest control expert.

About Woodworm
Woodworm larvae
In addition to burrowing into and eating wooden furniture, woodworm tends to lay their eggs in the cracks of wooden furniture. This means that their larvae will have an instant food source as soon as they hatch. Woodworm lives solely on wood, and if they are not removed, they can live in wooden timbers for several years, causing a large amount of damage along the way. There are many different types of woodworm, and different types of woodworm prefer other woods.

Identifying Woodworm in Your Home
Because they are so small and usually live deep inside wooden beams and furniture, spotting woodworm with the naked eye can be difficult. However, some of the signs of woodworm infestation include:

• New exit holes in timber and wooden furniture. These holes are either round or oval and feature sharp edges
• Tunnels in the wood
• Bore dust on the floor beneath beams and furniture
• Damaged and weak furniture. In extreme cases, woodworm may even bore ultimately through chair legs, causing them to fall off
• Crumbling wood, especially on the edges or around the corners of floorboards and roof joists
• Dead beetles, which can mainly be found on windowsills or near timber that has been infested
• Live adult beetles emerging from timber, which typically happens between May and October
• Eggs, which vary in size depending on the type of woodworm and can be very difficult to spot with the naked eye
• Woodworm larvae, which is usually curved and creamy white coloured.

What is Woodworm Removal Treatment for Furniture?
Woodborer, Oligomerus brunneus, extreme close-upting
Knutsford woodworm treatment furniture is furniture that has been treated with a particular type of insecticide so that it repels woodworm and even kills them if they attempt to eat the wood. While Knutsford woodworm treatment furniture can be very effective, it only partly tackles the problem, and expert advice is still required to entirely banish woodworm from your home and ensure that they never return.

Different Types of Treatment for Woodworm Removal
Knutsford woodworm treatment spray is one of the most common types of woodworm treatment. However, there are almost as many types of Knutsford woodworm treatment spray as there are types of woodworm. Therefore, it is essential to have a pest control specialist identify the exact nature of the problem before it can be effectively treated.

At Young Pest Control, we offer a range of different types of Knutsford woodworm treatment, such as a high-quality woodworm spray that has been tried and test. If you discover a woodworm infestation in your home, give us a call to make an appointment, and we will solve your problem quickly and efficiently.