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Professional Knutsford Mole Trapping

There are few pests which cause as rapid and extensive damage to lawns, gardens, sports grounds or pastures as moles and their tunnels. Problems with moles can happen incredibly quickly and if not dealt with promptly can lead to very expensive repairs.

What Attract Moles To Your Property

Mole in a molehillMoles primary food is earthworms which they capture by making tunnels below the surface and then waiting for the worms to fall in. They are able to dig these tunnels using their strong arms and sharp claws. They also will emerge from underground to deposit the earth that they have excavated. The result is the molehills which are associated with this animal.

Unfortunately for homeowners moles tend to favour digging inside of lawns because of the large earthworm populations which tend to be present that live near the surface. Also, the root structure in lawns helps to support the structure of the tunnel and prevent them from caving in. For the homeowner, however, the result can be very damaging both the aesthetics of the lawn and health of the grass and another shrubbery. Moles will also often follow the line of the fence. This is because the water that drips from the fence into the soil means a higher number of earthworms. This larger number of earthworms, in turn, attracts mole tunnelling activities. In order to prevent the problem from getting out of control, it is important to contact a Knutsford mole trapping and removal service as quickly as possible.

Why You Need Expert Mole Control Help

Full size moleKnutsford mole trapping and control, which involves trapping or catching moles, can be very challenging. Moles are known to be very elusive pests which are difficult to trap for non-professional mole pest control experts. The tunnels that the mole produces can be very complex and extensive. They can also be made up of varying depth which gives the mole plenty of opportunities to escape.

Moles are also very sensitive to threats and will head further underground if they sense vibrations or scents. They are also able to learn from previous attempts to trap them. Young's Pest Control has the expertise required to humanely and efficiently remove a mole infestation from your property. Our trained Knutsford mole trapping experts can provide a complete solution to the mole infestation and allow your lawn to entirely recover. Call now for an immediate quote to end your mole pest control problem.