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The Importance of Professional Knutsford Mice Control

House mouse, Mus domesticusMost people easily confuse between a mouse and a rat since both of them belong to one family. However, there are some distinctive characteristics of the house mouse that one can identify with. Below are some of its distinguishing characteristics.

• A House mouse is normally light brownish in colour.
• An adult is about five to seven inches long and weighs around a ½ ounce.
• It has small eyes, but long ears and its tail is about four inches long.

Mice will eat different kinds of food, but cereal grains make up its main dish. They also eat often, and thus in most cases, you’ll spot them nibbling something. Mice can really climb well so long as the surface is rough. They can also jump up from the ground onto a surface that is about 13 inches high. So long as their head can fit through a small opening, they will squeeze themselves and get to the other side, sometimes even through a hole that only measures a ¼ inch.

The reproductive life of mice

In one year alone, a female mouse can give birth to about five to ten litters, with each having five to six young ones. It only takes six to ten weeks for the young ones to mature into adults. Once they mate, another set will be born after 21 days, and thus why mice infestation becomes a problem fast before you even know it. They, however, have a lifespan of between nine to twelve months.

Knowing that you have mice infestation

Mouse NestIt’s easy for one to ignore the presence of one or two mice running around the building, but that should be significant enough to alert you that there is a mice infestation problem to deal with. Apart from that, you’ll regularly notice black droppings and tracks around places where the mice are most active. If you also look in dark corners and small holes, you are likely to see mouse nests that have been made from fibrous materials. Finally, unlike rats, mice are mostly seen during the day. Any of these signs should be a reason enough to call professional Knutsford mice to control experts. If you don't, then you subject your home to damages and diseases caused by mice.

There are various DIY mouse control methods out there, but none guarantees that the mouse infestation will end. The only sure way of a successful Knutsford mice control is through hiring professionals. With a good mouse removal expert, the problem should be solved once and for all.

Why call Young’s pest control?

Young’s Pest Control professionals are your best option if looking for quality services in Knutsford mice control. With years of experience in pest removal, our experts can effectively handle your pest problems. Our lines are always open, and thus you can call us at any time of the day, and we’ll be right at your doorstep in no time. Besides benefiting from our Knutsford mice control service, you will also learn more about pests from our professionals and effective ways of preventing infestations in the future.