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Professional Knutsford Grey Squirrel Control

We often think of the grey squirrel as an integral part of the British countryside. We see them in parks, native woodland and our gardens. In truth, however, they are an alien species to the UK. They have introduced just over 100 years ago and have spread to all corners of England and Wales. The population has boomed into the millions, and they compete with our native species for food, habitat and shelter. With few natural predators, Knutsford grey squirrel control is essential to keep the numbers in check.

What harm do they do?

Grey squirrel pestThey cause a lot of environmental and commercial harm. On a retail level, they eat the buds of fruit trees, stopping the fruit from growing. They damage trees by gnawing the bark. Domestically, they can gnaw into roofs and attics to build nests. This can cause fire hazards as they chew through wiring and insulation.

Environmentally, they reduce the populations of our indigenous species. The only natural stronghold of the red squirrel in the UK is Scotland. This is also the only area where grey is less widespread—a direct correlation. Knutsford grey squirrel control is needed to protect the populations of British fauna.

Perhaps unexpectedly, the grey squirrel also feeds on the eggs of small, native birds. Some of these birds are rare and would benefit significantly from squirrel removal.

What can we do about it?

Squirrel removal is a task that needs to be handled on a professional level. The habitat and speed of the squirrel make them very difficult to catch. Young's pest control has the relevant experience and training to engage in Knutsford grey squirrel control effectively.

Grey squirrel on benchThere will already be a certain amount of damage in a house or business premises where squirrels have made a home. Having the correct equipment for Knutsford grey squirrel control means that we can minimise any further property damage. Holes will be chewed into the woodwork to gain entry, and bedding materials will be gathered from any natural or artificial source. The accumulation of such materials can lead to fire hazards. Identifying the points of ingress, removing the pest and reducing the risk of further infestation are vital areas where our professional team will help you.

We will handle the problem in as humane a way as possible. Doing things the right way, using tried and tested methods, ensure that everything is done correctly. Get in touch, and we will assess your case and prescribe a suitable plan of action.