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Halton Woodworm Treatment

Woodworm Identification

Woodworm holes left in timber are often caused by the young of beetles that have an insatiable appetite for wood. Wider holes within a timber frame are created when an adult beetle comes out to reproduce.

There are various species of woodworm across the United Kingdom. The Halton woodworm treatment needed for an infestation will be dictated by the species found. Here at Young's Pest control, we offer professional Halton woodworm treatment for furniture and general treatment for woodworm removal.

Common Furniture Beetle

Woodborer, Oligomerus brunneus, extreme close-uptingThe most widespread species in the UK is the Common Furniture Beetle. It is voracious in its approach to destroying and burrowing into all types of timber and wood. Moreover, the beetle is known to destroy furniture of all types and leave holes that cannot be repaired.

The Common Furniture Beetle is identifiable from the minuscule holes is burrowed into the surface of wood, which measures up to 2mm in length. The bore-dust left behind is also a sign the beetle has been attacking furniture or timber. The dust will show up as lemon-shaped remnants under a microscope and will feel gritty when massaged between the fingertips.

An adult Common Furniture Beetle can grow up to 5mm in length. It has a uniquely shaped thorax, which resembles that of a 'monk's hood', which encases its head.

Treatment for dealing with a Common Furniture Beetle infestation is relatively simple. Timber which has been compromised needs to be removed immediately and replaced with hardened and treated wood. Halton woodworm treatment spray should be applied to ensure further infestations do not occur. It can be administered by a paintbrush or in spray form.

Other Species of Woodworm

Woodworm larvaeOther species of woodworm indigenous to the United Kingdom are the Deathwatch Beetle, the Powerpost Beetle and the House Longhorn Beetle. Importantly, the Powerpost species can be treated in a similar manner to the Common Furniture Beetle, by using an effective Halton woodworm treatment spray. However, the House Longhorn and Deathwatch species are much more difficult to remove and need greater expertise to be exterminated completely.

Interestingly, the House Longhorn can cause a huge amount of damage because its young are considerably larger than that of other species. Initially, it is difficult to identify the species when trying to name the culprit of an infestation. Therefore, it is best to call out the professionals who will carry out a primary survey to identify the cause of the infestation. Once the survey has been carried out, we can offer a course of treatment that will eradicate the problem. We will also be able to offer to advise in relation to further identification and prevention methods for the future.

Young's Pest Control Services

If you suspect a woodworm infestation, then you need to call us immediately. Our team will be able to guide you through the services that we offer, which can be tailored specifically for the needs of the customer. We provide bespoke Halton woodworm treatment furniture services, treatment for woodworm removal and advise for the prevention of woodworm infestation.