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Professional Halton Mole Trapping and Control

A mole invasion can be hideous, much as the creatures themselves are. Suited best to underground life, the mole can barely see with its eyes - believed to be little more than membranes detecting light or dark - however it is exceptionally good at smelling and hearing, leading scientists to wonder if they have a sort of internal radar for tracking other moles during mating season.

This is What a Mole Looks Like

Full size moleWide, with spade-like limbs, a tube-shaped body, and a long pink snout, the hearing and smell senses empower it to get data on its surroundings. Moles usually have a dark or silver layer of fur, which is impeccably smooth, allowing them to tunnel as unimpeded as possible; tunnelling is their whole life.

Why Moles Tunnel

A mole's meal is made up almost completely of a worm and the grubs and hatchlings of flies and beetles. Their poor metabolism means that they need to consume as much as what might be called their body weight. So while they look for food in four-hour shifts round the clock, they are harming the very enclosure you spent time and adoration developing - between the tunnels that can collapse your yard to the destruction by moles of earthworms which help circulate air through the soil. Without air and earthworms, as every gardener knows, valuable nutrients and growing space are lost.

Mole Pest Control To Prevent Harm

Moles can cause a tremendous measure of harm to plants and young trees as they tunnel through the soil. As they burrow their route, though, they may well be harming the roots of your prized flowers and vegetables. Young's Pest Control services offer Halton mole trapping and control services that you will find manageable. It is an easy process to pick up the phone, call us, and know that everything will be taken care of. Young's Pest Control Services can utilize our Halton mole trapping service and give you back your garden.

Visible Damage

Mole moundMoles, common vandals, can make your lovely garden and bloom beds resemble a disaster. As they tunnel just underneath the surface, they leave unsightly furrows that crisscross their route through your arrangement or field. Farmers and gardeners alike rue the mole regularly, and moles that feel attacked can react aggressively back toward the attacker - even if it is your curious dog or young child out playing in the yard.

Young's Pest Control has the skills and experience to complete the required mole pest control using their Halton mole trapping and mole control services. So give us a ring today.