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Professional Halton Flea Treatment

Like most pests, fleas are difficult to kill off and require professional pest control treatments, such as flea fumigation, to fight back effectively.

At Young’s Pest Control, we provide such a Halton flea treatment service, and, as part of it, we plan out an effective flea removal strategy for our customers to target all the flea’s hiding places so that once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

How the flea evolved to survive on a hairy host

Cat and dog fleasThe flea is a wingless insect that has developed to jump on and navigate mammals and birds. Their leaping ability is an adaptation that they are well-known for, and it allows them to proliferate by jumping between hosts with relative ease.

Once they attach to a host, it can be difficult to remove them, thanks to their flat body, which allow them to pass between hairs and tough exoskeleton that protects them from the scratch of a host.

Fleas will infest a household, not just a host.

A pet infested with fleas will itch and shake more than usual, and this behaviour will further spread an infestation. In addition, wherever an affected pet sleeps, sits and walks, you will find flea debris such as eggs, faeces and larvae that have dropped off.

A pet is usually the target of a flea infestation, but there will be signs and sightings of this insect around the home. Carpets and bedding provide the ideal breeding ground for fleas because they allow eggs, larvae, and pupa to develop near the host.

The flea is a nuisance and a danger.

FleaFleas are a known carrier of parasites in the UK, which they pick up from feeding on infected hosts. In cats and dogs, the parasite that affects them the most is the tapeworm, so fleas infesting a pet could easily pass on this parasite to humans; the flea will often bite humans before dropping off.

Aside from passing on parasites, fleas can simply be very irritating. If a flea infestation has lasted for a while, you will often find yourself checking to see if there are any on you or around you. However, even when you don’t see any, their itchy bites will still show up from time to time.

Reasons for calling Young’s Pest Control

• Shop-bought flea removal products often don’t have the toxicity needed to provide an effective Halton flea treatment. One reason for this is that when people have applied these products to their pets, they haven’t killed off all the fleas, and this, therefore, provides an opportunity for the fleas to evolve immunity.
• To target all areas of your home, you need to carry out flea fumigation. However, the cost of doing this yourself, which is often a one-time job, is not cost-effective. Our experts at Young’s Pest Control have the flea control experience to apply this Halton flea treatment service with minimal fuss in the right areas.