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Rats are often thought of as creatures that live in sewers and dark corners, but the truth is they can beGreat Warford Professional Pest Control Rats found all over in your home, a rainforest, or anywhere else. Since before humans arrived, rats have been on this planet to kill them off or change their environment! They've adapted well to living with us too. Though most people often see rats as pests due to their ability to spread disease and cause structural damage in homes, they're actually a vital part of the ecosystem but they have unfortunately overpopulated many parts of the world. So let's break down what you need to know about these little critters:

Did you know rats have a hierarchy?

Their gender determines the social order among rats. There are alpha males, beta males and females, and omega females. Alpha males usually form groups that displace the lower-ranking beta males and omega females. The beta males will then sabotage the alphas and take over. Omega females will sometimes join in with the male beta group to overthrow the alpha male group if they're not careful.

Now, some other colonies are led by a female rat born from an alpha male. She has an unlimited supply of food which she finds herself surrounded by because she finds it hard to keep up with foraging for food on her own. Rats are very resourceful when it comes to food and can eat pretty much anything.

The rat's diet mainly consists of seeds, fruits, vegetables, and nuts, but they will also scavenge through garbage, eat insects, and steal food from other animals. They have a high tolerance for toxins in their food and can even live off of pet food! In addition, rats are omnivores, which means they can digest both plant and animal material.

Great Warford Professional Pest Control RatsAside from being able to adapt to different environments and having a great sense of smell, rats are also very agile climbers. Their jumps can reach three feet high and up to ten feet across! They're also good swimmers-some species can even dive underwater for up to three minutes before coming up for air. In addition, rats use their tails as a balance and allow them to run along thin, flexible branches. They also communicate with each other through sounds and smells.

Rats can breed year-round, but usually only during the warmer months of the year because they need a temperature of at least four degrees Celsius to raise their young. A female rat reaches sexual maturity by three weeks of age and will have 12 or more pups every 20 days! After about eight weeks after birth, the mother's milk production begins to dry up, and she'll wean her offspring until they're old enough to find food on their own. Infestation can occur without you even considering it. Don't wait to call a Great Warford rat exterminator today!

Rats are known to be the most controversial animal.Great Warford Professional Pest Control Rats The controversy is mainly due to the contradictory views of people who believe they are beneficial, and there are those who regard them as harmful. Rats are known to be quite destructive animals. They destroy property, contaminate food supplies, spread diseases, eat crops and more.

They are one of the worst animals an individual can have in their house. However, rats are also known to be great survivors. They are intelligent, adaptable and versatile animals that manage to survive under the toughest conditions. They reproduce at a very high rate due to their short gestation period. If you suspect you have rats in your house, then it's important that you get rid of them before they start multiplying. Contact a Great Warford rat exterminator.

Rats may look cute, but once they enter your premises, Great Warford Professional Pest Control Ratsthey should be removed immediately before they cause irreversible damage. Great Warford Rat Control Treatments and Removal Service have a solution for you. It is best to employ professional pest controllers so as to get quality services without any problems or risks involved. A Great Warford rat catcher near me will trap or poison the rats so that they will no longer be a problem.