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Professional Frodsham Woodworm Treatment  

Woodworm causes considerable damage to structural timber and wooden furniture, reducing them over time to powder. If these destructive pests are not dealt with early enough they can cause so much damage that furniture has to be disposed of and the wooden frameworks of buildings need to be overhauled. To avoid the extremities of woodworm damage, professional Frodsham woodworm treatment spray of effected timber should occur as soon as possible.

The lifecycle

Woodworm larvaeThe phenomena of woodworm refer not to worms but to wood-boring beetles in the larval stage. The characteristic holes associated with woodworm infestation are formed as the adult beetles, emerging from their cocoons, bore their way out of the timber in order to find mates. After mating, the female will search for a suitable environment to lay her eggs, that is somewhere moist and not too dense such as rotting wood or green sapwood.

Frodsham woodworm treatment should ideally occur whilst the beetle population is still in the larval stage. If the adult beetles are allowed to emerge they will cause more destruction to affected timbers. Furthermore, their breeding will ensure the continuation and expansion of the woodworm infestation. Hiring professional pest control services to perform Frodsham woodworm removal will kill larva before they reach adulthood.

Signs of destruction

As woodworm eat their way through timber the structural integrity is compromised and the weight can decrease. If the telltale woodworm holes are not apparent in affected timber there may be an accumulation of fibrous powder, or wood dust, known as frass on and around the infested objects. As the lifespan of adults is brief compared to that of the larva, beetle corpses may be present around infested wood if the adults are able to emerge.

When the first signs of woodworm infestation become apparent the affected timber is already deteriorating in strength and quality. To save the wood from further destruction no time should lose in contacting professional pest control services. Frodsham woodworm treatment spray will save structural timbers in a building. Chairs, tables, chests of drawers and other wooden amenities can be saved from wood-boring beetle infestation via Frodsham woodworm treatment furniture spray.

Where does woodworm come from?

Woodborer, Oligomerus brunneus, extreme close-uptingThe natural habitat for wood-boring beetles is in forested areas. Decomposing wood is a staple for many species and may be found in rotting logs and sticks that litter forest floors. Foraging wood from the wild can cause the introduction of woodworm into a building. Untreated structural timber sold by negligent merchants may also be infested with woodworm, often due to beetle eggs being laid on it when green.

It is easy to bring woodworm into a house and difficult to detect them in the early stages of infestation. Woodworm that is confined to foraged firewood, for the time being, could cause a wider infestation of wooden furniture and structural timber in the future. Frodsham woodworm treatment furniture spray can help protect your house fittings from the ravages of wood-boring beetles. Treatment for woodworm removal is best left to professional pest control services.