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Expert Frodsham Mole Trapping Services

Moles are one of the most elusive pests found in the United Kingdom. Their presence is usually only identified thanks to the heaps of soil that their tunnelling leaves behind. As a result, moles are found throughout Great Britain in gardens, pastures and woodlands. Despite their friendly image, moles can cause a lot of damage to the areas that they inhabit. To remove moles from your property, you will need the services of a professional Frodsham mole trapping operative. Learn more about mole pest control below.

Physical Description Of Moles

Full size moleIt can be helpful to distinguish moles from other potential pests that may be found on your property. Moles have a solid and muscular body that is covered in black, velvet-like fur. They have short and upright tails. Their face features a long nose and tiny pin-sized eyes. Their solid front feet are equipped with five strong claws, which are perfect for digging. Typically the male head and body will measure about six inches, and the female is slightly smaller.

What You Need To Know About Moles

* Moles will typically live up to three years of age in the wild.

* Their primary food source is earthworms, but they also feed on slugs and larvae

* The presence of moles is most often determined by the company of molehills. These are the hills of soil that come from tunnels that the moles have excavated.

* The mole is a relation between the shrew and the hedgehog.

Why Moles Dig Tunnels

Moles dig tunnels primarily to trap earthworms. When the earthworms pass through the tunnel, the moles can sense their presence. They will collect these earthworms and then either eat them or store them for feeding on later. The moles will establish larders where they can keep earthworms. They do this by removing the earthworms heads so that while they will stay fresh, they will not be able to escape. These larders can contain as many as a thousand earthworms.

Why You Need An Expert Mole Control Operative

Mole in a molehillMoles can be decidedly challenging to trap. An exposed piece of dimpled skin on their snout, which allows them an extraordinary degree of sensitivity to vibrations. They can use this sense to detect food and other moles. It also allows them to evade predators and the attempts of humans to trap them. The tunnel networks established by the mole can be very large and deep. The mole will often head deep into this tunnel network to escape at the first sign of danger.

Only a trained and experienced Frodsham mole trapping operative will know how to remove these elusive animals successfully. If you have a mole control problem they you should call Young's Pest Control. Their Frodsham mole trapping and control technicians will be able to ensure that your property is not damaged any further by your mole infestation.