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Frodsham Mice Control

Don't Let Mice Rule Your Nest!

Mouse NestDon't let mice rule your nest. Instead, .give them their eviction papers by calling Young's Pest Control to take care of your Frodsham mice control problem. It works!

You Need Not Live in a Mouse House Any Longer

If you see a mouse, you may notice that the typical house mouse (Mus Domesticus) has a shorter tail than different rodents, typically has a light black gut and could be different shades from ash to tan to dark. Don't be embarrassed. Remember that mice can get into tiny spaces. Having a mouse infestation problem is not a reflection upon your home or housekeeping, but merely a sign that nature has tried to have her way, and nearby mice have gotten in where they don't belong.

About The House Mouse

  • mice can convey disease
  • mice leave faecal droppings anyplace they go
  • one mouse = up to 50 droppings a day
  • mice will urinate anyplace they are
  • it is rarely just one mouse, even if that is all you see

Mice seem to be able to thrive in almost 99% of areas. Barns, homes, towers, carports, and more are not immune to mice infestation. In vehicles, they can get into engines and interiors. In houses, they can get between and inside walls.

Call Young's Pest Control Promptly

Quick and appropriate treatment of your mouse problem is the best way to ensure it doesn't reoccur.
House mouse, Mus domesticus
Diseases that mice can carry

  • salmonella
  • Lyme Disease
  • hantavirus

Mice like to chew and chew and chew - that is how they keep their teeth filed down because their teeth don't stop growing. They've been known to chew wires, cables and even cause electrical fires and wiring issues in homes. They can wreck books, furniture, mattresses, food, of course, as they look for their own food inside your cupboards. Few things are as irritating as paying extra service fees to repairers after a mouse has chewed through vital wires in your communications, electricity, etc.

Pick Your Family, Not The Mice!

Mouse lifestyle and mating:

  • One male and up to five females per family
  • Females can have 4-16 babies at a time
  • 9-10 week old mice can reproduce

Call Young's Pest Control

Baits and traps are messy and can poison pets. Take that worry off your mind by leaving Frodsham mice control to the professionals. We have the tools to do the job, saving you time and money compared to solutions you may try on your own. If you would like your Frodsham mice to be control-treated promptly and clearly the first time, the sensible thing to do is to call Young's Pest Control. Find out what we charge and what we offer. Mouse infestation is difficult enough. Leave the treatment and removal of your problem to us so that you can get on with enjoying your property.