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Employing Professionals for Frodsham Honey Bee Nest Removal

Honey Bee HiveHoney bees are a common insect in the UK and can usually be seen in gardens during the summer months as they visit flowers to collect nectar. While a few visiting bees is not a concern, problems can occur if they swarm or build a nest in the area around a property. Professional honey bee control is the sensible solution for this problem, and Young’s Pest Control has the expertise you need for Frodsham honey bee nest removal.

Typical Hive

A typical honey beehive comprises a single egg-laying queen and many thousands of sterile female workers. At certain times of the year, there are also male drones. The actual number of bees can vary, although, in established colonies, it is known that there can be up to 60,000 bees. Unlike many species, where the colony will die off in the winter months, honey bees can survive through colder weather to live when warmer conditions return. Therefore, Frodsham honey bee nest removal is required to deal with the problem should a colony be set up in or around your property.


A nest is not the only problem concerning honey bees. The young queens that emerge each year mate with the male drones of another nest and, after doing this, will leave to set up a new colony. Rather than carrying out the job alone, the queen will take workers with her, and this swarm of bees will move to the site chosen for the hive. This can be an alarming experience for anyone, and seeking professional help for honey bee swarm removal is a sensible precaution.


Honey Bee swarm in treeThe instinct of honey bees is to sting in defence of their hive or swarm. Unfortunately, agitating bees that do this will also release a pheromone that triggers other bees to join in. This makes an attack a dangerous situation and something to be avoided. The best way of ridding yourself of the danger is through Frodsham honey bee nest removal by a qualified pest control contractor.

Young’s Pest Control

Our experts have many years of honey bee control experience and can carry out the job in a controlled manner that mitigates the risks. So whether you need Frodsham honey bee nest removal from a property or honey bee swarm removal from your garden, we have the expertise to do this safely. Phone today to have us deal with the problem of honey bees, so you can rest easy that the danger has been removed.