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Important Safety Tips During a Frodsham Flea Treatment

Cat and dog fleasFleas transmit parasitic worms and spread such infections as bubonic plague, murine typhus, and causative bacillus. You should also do flea infestation control if you have pets because they spread dog tapeworm and several diseases. At Young’s Pest Control, our Frodsham flea treatment service involves fumigation.

Although we only use flea fumigation products that will have the least effect on your family, your pet/s, and the environment, several safety tips are necessary. If you enlist our services, we will help you take all the appropriate safety measures.

1) One of the safety precautions we take is controlling exposure. Exposure refers to contact with the pesticide, inhalation, ingestion, and exposure to the eyes. We advise you to be away during the Frodsham flea treatment to prevent exposure. We, however, understand that the residue will remain even after we leave. For this reason, we reduce the risk of exposure by covering surfaces, seats, and beds and removing curtains.

2) We recommend that you do a thorough cleaning after we are through with the flea fumigation to reduce exposure. You should take such action as cleaning your utensils and washing all surfaces with antiseptics. In addition, all members of the family should shower, and you should wash your pets.

3) When doing the Frodsham flea treatment, our exterminators wear gloves to prevent dermal exposure. They also have goggles and respirators or dust masks (depending on the fumigation method) to prevent eye exposure and inhalation. You should hire us because you would be forced to buy personal protective equipment to do the Frodsham flea treatment yourself.

4) If you have indoor plants, remove them if you can before the flea fumigation. If this is not possible, spray them with an antiseptic after the fumigation. To prevent contamination of your food and water supply, ensure all edible items are stored in airtight containers and that the fridge is locked.

5) Aquatic creatures are susceptible to insecticide poisoning, and you should, therefore, cover your aquarium (or remove it from the room being fumigated) before the Frodsham flea treatment.

6) Do not get into the house for several hours after the flea removal so those airborne particles can settle. Better still, stay in a hotel or at a friend’s home for a few days. Leave the windows open for aeration.

Flea7) We only use products that have a low toxicity level. For example, we avoid using products with such known toxins as phosmet, chlorpyrifos, tetrachlorvinphos, naled, diazinon, dichlorvos, and malathion. We also ensure that we only use the right amounts of our flea control products during fumigation.

We take full responsibility for the products we use. We have professional indemnity insurance, meaning you will be covered in case of damage to property following the fumigation as well as in case of poor quality work. Our exterminators are insured, meaning you will not be sued in case of any safety incidence.

These safety risks should dissuade you from doing the flea infestation control yourself. Therefore, hiring us is also important because our team has the training and the experience necessary to completely eradicate your flea infestation.