bumblebee control
bumblebee control

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Fast And Effective Frodsham BumbleBee Control

Bumble Bee on flowerWhile bumblebees are beneficial insects they still generally considered to be pests because they may sting and swarm. Bumblebees can actually be more problematic than honeybees because they are able to sting multiple times. Having bumblebees on your property can be both a nuisance and a danger for you and your family. Contact our Frodsham bumble bee control specialists to remove the hive from your property.

The Dangers Of Allergies

If you or someone in your family is allergic to bumblebee stings then the reaction could be potentially serious enough that you may require hospitalisation. In some cases people suffer from a bad reaction even if they are has been no signs of an allergy before. Over time multiple stings can exacerbate an allergy. Multiple stings are also very dangerous for small children and the elderly. If you have these vulnerable individuals in your household then you need to be especially careful about bumblebee nests.

How To Get Rid Of BumbleBee Hives

To get rid of bumble bees from your property you want to use professionally trained and experienced Frodsham bumble bee control technician. This will give you the peace of mind that you and your family are safe.

It is important to determine what type of insect is present on your property. Wasps. honeybees, hornets and bumble bees are often confused. Using the correct pest control treatment is necessary in order to effectively remove the bumblebee hive. Our Frodsham bumble bee removal technicians can evaluate your pest infestation and determine which pest control method is required.

The Danger Of Trying To Remove The Hive Yourself

Bumble BeeTrying to eliminate bumble bee nest on your own can be difficult and even potentially dangerous. Homeowners may try to use a chemical spray from a hardware supply store. If these treatments are not applied in the right location or at the correct time of day then the bumblebee hive will continue to survive. Many times homeowners will incorrectly determine where the colony is actually located. A professional Frodsham bumble bee removal specialist will know exactly where the bumblebee hive is so that it can be removed permanently.

In recent years tree, bumble bees have been a particular nuisance for many UK homeowners. Tree bumblebee drones will often swarm around the hive while they await the Queen to leave. Tree bumblebees will also often set up their nests close to the main residence. Because this bumble bee is more aggressive than many UK common bumblebee species people need to be especially wary about how they approach the hive.

If you have bumble bees on your property talk to Young's pest control. We will be able to explain your options for removing the bumblebee nest from your property. Bumblebees need to be handled with care and so make sure to contact Young's pest control as soon as you identify you have a nest on your property.