Heyrod Grey Squirrel Trapping

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Ellesmere Port Grey Squirrel Control

Some people keep squirrels as pets, while others find squirrels living in their gardens. The difference between how the squirrel found its way to your home will not protect you against the health risks you are exposing yourself to. A pet squirrel will not be happy and caring enough to avoid causing diseases or bites, just like the wild one who has come to live in your backyard will do. They are all rodents, and they live by wild instincts. Hence Ellesmere Port grey squirrel control is essential.


One excellent reason for squirrel removal is the diseases they transfer to human beings. As cute as they may seem, they can cause you thousands of pounds in treatment costs. Your pets, such as dogs and cats, are also at risk of contracting these diseases. Wild squirrels will have lots of fleas and ticks, which are the critical disease vectors in squirrels. They transmit diseases such as:
Grey squirrel close up
- Parasitic dermatitis
- Lyme disease
- Bartonella
- Rickettsiae

Tapeworms attack is another disease you are exposing yourself to if you don’t get Ellesmere Port grey squirrel control professionals from Young’s Pest control for squirrel removal. Ingestion of grooming fleas transmits tapeworms to you, which is a health risk as the worms take up much of your body nutrients if you don’t de-worm early enough.

Physical Dangers

Grey squirrel pestThe health risk is not limited to diseases only. Physical injuries caused by squirrels are also health risks. Without proper Ellesmere Port grey squirrel control, you or your family will have to deal with bites or scratches from squirrels. They have very sharp teeth and nails, which they don’t have the conscience to stop them from using. The moment they decide it’s time for nature to take its course, you will have wounds to nurse.

As mentioned earlier, squirrels harbour lots of fleas from the wild. The flea bite is not only piercingly painful, but it also itches long after the flea has left. You will have to scratch yourself all day. What’s worse is that fleas don’t usually go their hosts, so they hide in your clothes and bite you again when they get hungry. A single flea is enough to terrorise you, and you can imagine what an army of fleas will do to you.

Ticks are the worst; once they bite, they don’t let go, and you may have to pull it out with a piece of flesh to get rid of it. Therefore, professional Ellesmere Port grey squirrel control is necessary if you need to keep your health perfect.