Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Ellesmere Port BumbleBee Control Treatments

Bees, wasps and hornets are common household pests that strike fear into many hearts. Not only can these insects cause painful stings, but the possibility of lethal allergic reactions is genuine for many people. Damage to structures and irritating buzzing sounds are other annoyances. Proper pest control should be safe and done by an expert who can tell the difference between these pests and act accordingly to tackle the problem.

Bumble Bees

Life wasps and hornets, most bumblebee species are striped black and yellow. Unlike these related pests, they tend to be "fuzzy" in appearance and are generally more reluctant to sting people unless the hive is threatened. Unfortunately, when bumblebees nest in the same spaces used by people, this becomes more likely. Many species like to nest in holes in the ground and can be easily disturbed by stepping on the nest. Other species nest in structures built by people and can cause quite the problem.

Tree Bumble Bees

Tree Bumble Bee Tree Bumble Bee

Of all the bumblebee species present in Britain, the tree bumblebee - a native of Europe - is the most likely to nest in buildings and other artificial objects. Tree bumblebees are also more aggressive than other species and are easily provoked into attacking. However, like all bumblebees, they leave their stinger behind after attacking, and the venom it pumps causes a rather painful burning sensation and swelling and can trigger allergic reactions. In addition, tree bumblebees are more likely to cause problems like an audible buzzing sound inside the building and clogged vents.

Ellesmere Port Bumble Bee Control

DIY bumble bee removal is not recommended: whatever threats from having bees around are only made worse by attempting to remove or treat a nest without proper training and safety precautions. The average person doesn't know about bees and their habits, bee handling techniques and proper pesticide application techniques to handle an Ellesmere Port bumble bee removal safely, not to mention that most people lack the proper personal protective equipment and protective clothing and maybe risking other injuries if the nest is hard to reach. Professionals such as Young's Pest Control have all the training and personal protective equipment needed to tackle the problem safely and have experience with Ellesmere Port bumble bee control which allows them to pick the best method and get the job done promptly and effectively - pick up the phone and call.