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Professional Ellesmere Port Pest Control Services

Daily we are surrounded by pests, bugs and animals that irritate and annoy us…but what happens when these creatures invade and take up residence in your home or workplace?

Carrying many germs and unwanted diseases, creatures large and small will gradually damage your health and property. Amongst the unwanted list of pests are:

Problem Pests

Bacteria that rodents carry include Weil's disease-causing flu-like symptoms.

Birds carry a multitude of diseases and these are easily transferred to humans via their droppings.

Bees and wasps carry a nasty sting, which many people nowadays have allergies. This can lead to the potentially fatal, anaphylactic shock.

Bedbugs are a regular problem in homes and can cause skin irritation and lumps, usually on the upper body.

Whilst many home remedies are available to allegedly relieve you, these quick fixes never get to the root of the problem and it is always advisable to seek professional Ellesmere Port pest control assistance.

Offering a discreet 24 hour, 7 days a week Ellesmere Port pest removal service we provide a no call out charge, fixed price treatment.

Damage Limitation

Even a small infestation of insects can cause large amounts of damage with pests burrowing into woodwork leaving rafters, beams and floorboards susceptible to rotting.

Rodents eat away at anything they can get their teeth around. Electrical wires, woodwork and walls are eaten away to get to the food inside your cupboards.

Alleviate both these problems by using our Ellesmere Port pest removal service.


Amongst our wide knowledge base of pests we can assist with:

  • bird deterrent and repellent
  • control of crawling and flying insects
  • wasp and bee nest removal and control
  • rodent and mammal control
  • wildlife management

Other Services

Whether it's a simple one-off problem in a residential property that needs sorting or an on-going preventative commercial contract – we can offer the services and treatment that is required at a set price.

Give us a ring for 24 hours Ellesmere Port pest control treatments to make your house a home again and your office a clean and pest free environment.


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