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Rats are a significant public health concern, and theirCroft Professional Pest Control Rats numbers have been growing at an alarming rate. Numerous diseases can be transmitted from rats to humans, including leptospirosis, hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS), rat-bite fever and salmonellosis.

Rats also pose risks to plants by damaging roots with burrowing activity; they contaminate food supplies by moving through them or contaminating them with droppings; they transmit parasites like fleas and lice; they gnaw on electrical wires, which causes power outages; rats increase the likelihood of fires because of their chewing activities near combustible materials such as paper or insulation in buildings; rats can access homes through gaps under doors or foundations, holes in ceilings, and chimneys.

Rat infestations can be very costly to businesses or homeowners. A single rat can contaminate up to a half-pound of food per day and cost companies an average of £2000 annually in lost food productivity, cleanup costs and repairs.

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A rat lives in groups with an average of 10-100 rats. They typically live in nests made out of paper and fabric, but they can also burrow holes into the ground to conceal their homes. Rats communicate with each other using high-frequency calls that humans cannot hear without special equipment.

Rats are territorial animals that will fight others of the same species that try to invade their territory or bring young into it. Suppose two rats from different territories meet. In that case, there is a lot of chasing around as the intruder attempts to quickly find its way back home before being killed by the defending rat. In general, rats retreat when confronted by an opponent approximately twice their size rather than escalate confrontations because larger opponents have a better chance of winning fights against them even if they are initially outnumbered.

Croft Professional Pest Control RatsRat populations are organized in a hierarchy with one dominant male, female and young; however, there is no strict linear hierarchy between rats. Instead, the dominant relationships between members of the group tend to change based on which individuals are present at any given time. Rats have complex vocalizations that they use to communicate information about who they are, their social status and what they intend to do next. They most often emit sounds when identifying where other rats are or moving into another rat's area. Rats also emit ultrasonic calls when startled or frightened that humans can hear above 20 kHz. These calls are too high-pitched for human ears to understand, but it's thought that these might serve as communication signals between young rats.

Moisture, warmth and food are necessary for successful breeding. Rats breed throughout the year; however, mating peaks during springtime in temperate areas. The gestation period ranges from 21-23 days, and litters can range from three to 26 pups dependingCroft Professional Pest Control Rats on food availability and other environmental conditions (a rat typically has five nipples). Pups are born blind, hairless and defenceless because of their lack of skills; they also cannot regulate their own body temperature until after the first week of life. The females nurse their pups for about four weeks before weaning them off milk to solid foods. After this, both sexes provide parental care toward the young until they reach sexual maturity at six weeks.

Croft rat exterminator for rats is crucial because it can contaminate large amounts of stored food and damage structures near their nests, such as wooden beams and insulation. Rats can be very destructive to property and cause extensive structural damage: 

More than £19 billion in damage and losses is attributed to rodents each year in the United Kingdom. This makes rat control a top priority for many pest management professionals around the country.

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