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Crewe Mice Control

Mouse NestIf you have noticed one or two little mice pottering across your carpets in the late evening or early morning, you may well have decided to ignore them on the basis that one or two rodents won’t do any harm. Maybe, once you know how quickly these little creatures can breed, you will decide to think again. Mice are ready to reproduce four to six weeks after birth. Gestation takes around three weeks, and mice can give birth to up to twenty pups (mouse babies) in one go. Each of these will reach maturity in around a month, ready to breed in their turn. It doesn’t take a great mathematician to realise that a pair of rodents can produce dozens of other pests within a few months.

Mice Infestation is a Health Hazard
A mice infestation is not only unpleasant. If not promptly removed, it can cause a range of health problems for your household. Mice infestation carries several diseases, both indirectly and directly. They are frequently infected with ticks, which carry Lyme Diseases and typhus. Mouse urine is a particularly potent source of the bacteria which cause meningitis and salmonella. Unfortunately, it can be often overlooked during daily cleaning activities, providing a virulent source of these dangerous diseases. The amount of mouse-borne bacteria and viruses is particularly high in the nest, which is why eradication by homeowners is unwise.

Use Professional Crewe Mice Control
Pest control provides an affordable and cost-effective, permanent Crewe mice control method, which is invariably more efficient than trying to do the job yourself. Professional eradicators know the right products and procedures to use in a variety of different situations. In addition, treatments can be individually tailored to the nature of the mouse infestation, ensuring that both unwanted rodents and dangerous nest detritus are removed safely. Crewe mice control by trained pest controllers is the safest option for you and your family.

Amateur Mouse Removal is Unwise
House mouse, Mus domesticus
Unless a thorough job of mice control is undertaken, one or two rodents will manage to escape, ready to re-invade when the coast is clear. In addition, nests are terribly unsanitary and can release enormous clouds of pathogen-rich dust if they are disturbed. Amateur Crewe mice control attempts often greatly increase the risk of bacteria and viruses being dispersed into a wider area of the home, making it more likely that a family member will become infected with them. In addition, the risk of a toxic mouse bite is considerable during nest removal, as the rodents will do what they can to defend their young.

Young’s Pest Control provides a successful method of Crewe mice controls with minimal disruption or risk. Available outside of office hours, they can respond promptly to your need for pest control at a time to suit you. Rather than expose your family and yourself to the considerable risks which an amateur removal can present, call Young’s to get your pest problem dealt with professionally.