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Congleton Wasp Nest Removal Treatment

A nest of wasps or hornets is something you do not want.


wasp-150x150Wasps are a huge problem during the summer. They are unpleasant, annoying and can be dangerous. In addition, wasps sting multiple times, unlike bees which usually sting once. Therefore, wasp control and Congleton wasp nest removal treatment are essential when a wasp nest is located in or around your home or buildings.

Wasps often make their nest on the side of walls, in the eaves of houses, commercial properties or farm buildings, and attached to trees or even in a small empty burrow in the ground. They will start the nest and then make the space larger to accommodate the nest. Ring our number for wasp removal.

A wasp nest looks papery, and once found, should not be touched or moved. If you notice many wasps in your garden or around your buildings, you should look for an area where there are more. There will be many wasps going into and out of the nest, which will help you locate it.


Hornets are larger than wasps, and their sting is more painful. Also, the same as wasps, they will sting multiple times and, therefore, can be dangerous if they attack or if they attack someone who is allergic to their sting.


Do not attempt to remove the nest or wasp control as there may be hundreds of wasps in the nest (or hornets), and both wasps and hornets will attack and sting if threatened. Instead, Congleton Wasp Nest Removal should be undertaken by professionals.

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Attempting your own Congleton wasp nest removal treatment can be expensive, dangerous and unreliable. In addition, not knowing the correct products to buy could result in:

  • Purchasing 2 or 3 items that are incorrect
  • The content of the products could be harmful to children, adults and pets.
  • The products have an unsatisfactory effect incurring the further expense to remove

Products may distress or anger the pest resulting in the wasps becoming unstable and attacking.