bumblebee control
bumblebee control

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Professional Congleton Bumble Bee Control

As the weather becomes warmer we naturally want to spend more time in our garden. It can, therefore, come as a nasty surprise to learn that you have to share yours. Bumblebees become particularly active during spring and summer. This can make it difficult that you enjoy your outdoor areas. Call Young's pest control today and we can schedule an appointment for one of our qualified pest control treatment technicians to come to your home and undertake Congleton bumble bee control. We provide fast and effective Congleton bumble bee removal services at an affordable price. There are no hidden extras and we guarantee results. Call today to arrange an appointment with one of our Congleton bumble bee control specialists.

Why DIY pest control usually won't work

Our qualified Congleton bumble bee control specialists will apply safe treatment which sedates the colony rather than aggravates them. You should never try to use DIY treatments on bumble bee nests as this can agitate the colony and caused them to attack. The male bumble bee is not capable of stinging but the female can do so. Unlike honeybees, bumblebees are able to stay multiple times. DIY pest control treatments also often contain chemicals which could be harmful by animals and children if they are exposed. Make sure that you are using a professional pest control removal expert to ensure that the nest removal is done safely and effectively.

What to do if you identify a bumble bee nest

Bumble Bee on flowerIf you have a bumblebee nest on your property call us today and we can advise you with it you have tree bumble bees or not. The tree bumblebee is a relatively new addition to UK fauna. This is one of the most aggressive of the bumblebee species and can be dangerous to remove without protective gear. Tree bumblebees have a distinct colouration with a white tail and orange thorax. They also often take up inside of bird boxes or inside of the roof. Because of their close proximity to the house, they are a particularly problematic pest. Tree bumblebees should never be approached by the homeowner. Instead, call Young's pest control and we can send out one of our discreet, unmarked vehicles to your property.

Young's Pest Control are the experts in Congleton bumble bee removal

Young's pest control has a long track record of successfully treating bumblebee nests. Our experience in domestic Congleton bumble bee control is second to none. We can work with you to remove any bumble bee nest no matter what the location or size. Contact Young's pest control today to have a fully guaranteed and 100% safe bumble bee nest removal performed