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About Professional Congleton Bed Bug Treatment

Bed BugBed bugs, also called Cimex lectularius are tiny insects that live in and around your bed and suck your blood at night. Usually, bed bugs come out to feed at night. They are attracted to the body heat and the carbon dioxide that you breathe out. Though they do not carry or transmit diseases, they bite exposed skin, causing itchiness. For this reason, you should contact Congleton bed bug treatment professionals as soon as you suspect there are bed bugs in your home.

About Bed Bugs

An adult bed bug is oval and about 5mm in length. It is also wingless. As bed bugs grow and mature, they moult or shed their skin. After losing, the bed bugs are usually white. After that, they can be burnt orange or tan in colour. However, after feeding, they appear black or dark red.

Their flat, lentil-shaped bodies make it possible for bed bugs to hide in small crevices. Among the places you can find bed bugs include:

  • The plates of electrical sockets
  • Skirting boards
  • Beds
  • Sofas
  • Drawers

This is where they hide during the day. However, these places are not far from where they can find their human hosts.

You may not know there are bed bugs in your home because, besides being experts at hiding, they can suck blood without causing you to lose sleep.

Feeding Habits
Bed bug image
Bed bugs live on blood, but an adult can go for more than a year without feeding. This means that just because a home or a bed has not been used in a while does not mean it is free of bed bugs. The insects could just be lying dormant. This is why you need to talk to Congleton bed bug treatment professionals like Young’s pest control about bed bug fumigation before moving into a home.

Bed Bug Removal
To effectively get rid of bed bugs, professional Congleton bed bug control is necessary. A professionally trained technician knows which Congleton bed bug treatment will exterminate the insects safely and effectively. For example, they may recommend bed bug fumigation for your entire house.

If you have trouble with the insects, you should contact bed bug control experts like Young’s pest control. Their services are available round the clock, and they will do more than get rid of the bed bugs. They will also advise on how to prevent other pests from setting up shop in your home.