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What Should I Be Aware of With a Mice Infestation?

House mouse, Mus domesticusOwning your own home could be the best thing to ever happen to you. You will have a sense of security, freedom, and you can create your own family home. However, have you ever thought about what you might do if your home were to be invaded by an army of mice? Here are a few facts that you should be aware of when it comes to a mouse infestation.

What are their breeding habits?

Surprisingly, many people are actually quite unaware of the breeding habits that mice have. However, it is important that you understand the extent of the mice that could potentially invade your home. The gestation period for a mouse is around three weeks. They can produce up to 15 young per litter, and they are able to give birth to up to 9 litters per year. If you do the maths, then you will see that this is an awful lot of mice. This is one of the things that makes mice infestation such a problem. This is one of the many reasons why you may wish to consider Chester mice control if you have a mouse infestation problem.

What signs of a mice problem should I look out for?

If you are looking for small doorway type holes along your skirting boards, then you will not find the signs of a mouse. However, there are other signs that are far more obvious and offer a strong indication that it is time for you to call in the mouse removal team. For example, if you have found droppings, then this is a very good indication. Other signs include gnawed food packaging, gnawing marks in cupboards and drawers, and even greasy smears along your walls or skirting boards. If you have noticed any of these signs, then call in the mouse control team.

How can mice infestation harm my family?

Mouse NestDespite the common misconception, mice can actually cause a number of very serious problems for you and your family. What many people may not realise is that an infestation of mice can actually cause health problems for humans, some of which can prove very serious indeed. The Hantavirus, for example, can often be deadly. This flu-like illness is often passed to humans via an infestation of mice or other rodents. If you want to prevent your family from the risks associated with a mice infestation, then call in our Chester mice control team today. Mouse removal is the best option to avoid health problems.

If you suspect that you have a mouse problem in your home, then it is important that you take appropriate action immediately. The best way to do this is to use professional Chester mice control. This will allow you to remove the pests from your home in a safe and effective manner that will ensure the safety or you, your family, as well as your home.