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It's that time again when there is a rat invasion. The rats are coming. DespiteBucklow Hill Professional Pest Control Rats the fact that you might not notice them at first, they will be there - in your home, business, and even on the street corner near you. Rats have been around for centuries, and they're always looking for new ways to invade our homes because that's where food is found most often! In order to keep these rodents away from your house or workplace, call a Bucklow Hill rat exterminator! We offer competitive prices, fast response times, and guaranteed results. So give us a call now!

How are rats and mice different?

1] Rats and mice are alike in a lot of ways, but they're not quite the same.

2] First off, rodents as a whole can be called either mice or rats. The term rat is sometimes used to refer specifically to adult specimens, whereas the term mouse is sometimes used to describe juvenile specimens.

3] Mice and rats also have very distinctive ears that Bucklow Hill Professional Pest Control Ratshelp them tell where the sound comes from – their skulls have a complicated name that means 'three little bones, which fit together like an ear on each side of their head! These three bones point independently from one another, helping the animals make sense of where the noise originates, whether it's behind or from multiple directions at once.  

4] Also, rats and mice have different tail shapes. Mice tails are typically thin and scaly, while rat tails are thicker and covered in fur. This can be helpful for telling the two species apart since it's not always possible to see their ears or faces.

5] Finally, rats are larger than mice. An average adult rat weighs around half a kilogram (1 pound), while an average adult mouse weighs only about 1/10th of a kilogram (2 ounces). This size difference is one of the easiest ways to tell them apart.

Though they may look similar, there are some key ways to tell rats and mice apart. Knowing these differences can help you identify which rodents you're dealing with.

What is the maximum number of babies a rat can have in a year?

Rats are social animals that live in colonies. They willBucklow Hill Professional Pest Control Rats mate during the breeding season, and they will keep on having offspring after that. The average rat breeds six times per year, but some rats only breed twice every year. 21-day gestations result in babies that are born naked, blind and deaf. The mothers will pay great attention to their young ones.

About 20% of rats in a rat colony are adults, while 80% of them are juveniles under six months old. Rats reach sexual maturity at 5-7 weeks after birth; they can produce offspring when they are four months old. There is no particular breeding season for rats.

Generally, female rats give birth to 6 to 10 infants during each pregnancy. If there aren't enough resources like food and shelter for all the newborns, only one half of the litter survives; this is called the infant mortality rate, which can be as high as 95%. Only two or three will live to maturity out of ten male baby rats.

All the above point to a rapid infestation if left unchecked, do not delay giving 24 Hour Bucklow Hill Professional Pest Control Rats

Rats in your home are a common problem, don't panic and contact a Bucklow Hill rat exterminator as soon as possible. If left untreated, the rat infestation can become severe and spread to different parts of your home. The longer you wait before calling a Bucklow Hill rat catcher near me, the more time the rats have to breed and spread bacteria around your house. It is generally accepted that a single pair of breeding rodents can give start to approximately 2000 offspring within a year as their offspring reach sexual maturity and add to the population in no time!

Rats carry disease in two ways. First, they can carry the disease themselves and pass it to humans directly if they come in contact with one another. The other way is through their faeces, which contain the bacteria that causes the plague. Rats are also known carriers of Salmonella, which causes food poisoning in humans.

Bucklow Hill Professional Pest Control RatsWhen humans are infected, the symptoms range from none at all to mild fever and headache. If untreated, the infection can last for several days before getting better. Don't let a member of your family fall victim to these pests. Contact Bucklow Hill Rat Control Treatments and Removal Service for further help.