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Broken Cross Pest Control 

Broken Cross Wasp Nest RemovalSince antiquity, pests and vermin have always been man's enemy. Pests are risky to human beings and property. Pests also can lead to distress; in that, you will be embarrassed to invite friends and family over due to the fear that they may realize that your home is infested. On a commercial level, pests scare away clients and may cause employee absenteeism.

At Broken Cross, we provide safe, efficient and cost-effective pest control solutions. The company was established years ago and has grown to become a customer-oriented successful pest extermination company. We provide tailor-made proofing, eradication, netting, and prevention solutions across the broken Cross region.

Our Services

At Broken Cross Pest Control, we provide commercial and residential pest control services. We have an able team of personnel who can exterminate any form of pests and vermin. We eliminate bedbugs, cockroaches, rodents, wasps and hornets, among others. We eliminate bed bugs from your property. Broken Cross pest control technicians treat all areas in your premises, including where bed bugs hide, to ensure full control of the bedbug problem.

Cockroaches spread various types of Broken Cross Cochroach controlbacteria, trigger allergies, and transmit illnesses such as salmonella and asthma. Therefore, we have tailored treatment services that ensure that you get protection from cockroaches all year round.

Our technicians are experienced in providing pest control services on residential and commercial premises. Our services cover various insects and animals, and we use techniques and insecticides that have been 100% proven by experts. We work hand-in-hand with top pest control companies to ensure the progressive improvement of our services. We only use the best techniques in the industry. Other services that we provide include wasp nest removal treatment and mice & rat control.

Wasp Nest Removal Treatment

Broken Cross Wasp Nest Removal Wasps are angry insects, and they live in huge numbers. It is almost impossible to get rid of their nests on your own, and that is why we recommend that you seek professional help when you notice an infestation. At Broken Cross, wasp extermination is our area of expertise. Our technicians are well-trained in handling wasps and their nests. We treat wasp nests, and it takes only three hours to neutralize all the wasps. However, it is not guaranteed to remove the nests unless the nest is located in an access area or is endangering people.

We advise against DIY methods of removing wasp nests as you could end up stung by a mob of wasps. Our technicians are always in full personal protective equipment. Thus, they are safe from wasps. In case of an unseen infestation, we do provide emergency response services.

Mice & Rat Control

Mice pose a risk to your health and property Broken Cross mice & rat controlin general. Mice & rat control is an important service that we provide at Broken Cross. Rats and mice live inside cavities and small holes. Since they spread diseases and damage property, they must be exterminated as soon as an infestation is discovered. It is also vital to determine the point of entry to fix the problem permanently. Once our team is on-site, they will pinpoint the challenge and make appropriate recommendations. The treatment may take weeks to be effective. Therefore, to get leading mice and rat control services, contact us immediately.


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Professional wasp extermination services are required to eradicate particular pests or vermin. That is why we recommend hiring our services. Broken Cross is a pest control company that you can trust. We always listen to you so that we can Syke Fumigation Servicesunderstand your experiences with the infestation. The experience we have means that we are familiar with most pests. Therefore, you can rest assured that we can take care of any pest or vermin on your property.

We cover all pests in Broken Cross. Here's an example of a few Pest's Below:

Mice Control 

Wasp Nest Removal